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Collective wedding ceremony held for 18 couples

Zhongshan held a collective wedding ceremony in Longshi Village, Wuguishan District on November 4. Under the witness of the blue sky, white clouds and green grassland, 18 couples walked into the hall of happiness hand in hand.


Reading the wedding vows.

There were newly married couples and model couples who have been married for years participating in the activity. They walked hand in hand through the "gate of happiness" onto the stage amid romantic music, then exchanged tokens and vows of their love with the blessings of their relatives and friends.


A newlywed couple takes a group photo.

Mrs Xu, a 61-year-old villager from Longshi, and her husband took the stage as a model couple to share their secrets for keeping their love alive over 40 years.

"Getting married is a major event in life. We are so happy to have such a wedding that brings me joy and unforgettable memories," said Mr Li, who also shared their feelings about the event and expectations for married life on the stage with his wife.


Marriage certificates issued on site. (Photo by Wang Yun)

Sponsors of the event also set up special areas to showcase and promote marriage culture, carry out fun activities and offer tea and snacks, aiming to help newlyweds learn more about wedding customs.

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