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Zhongshan's CPI in Q1 up 1.3% YoY


In the first quarter of 2023, Zhongshan's consumer price index (CPI) rose by 1.3%. Food prices were up 5.1%, non-food prices up 0.4%, consumer goods prices up 1.4%, and service prices up 1.0%.

In the first quarter, six categories of goods and services rose in prices, and two declined. Among them, food, tobacco and alcohol prices were up 3.0%, prices of other supplies and services up 2.8%, prices of household goods and services up 2.5%, education, culture and recreation prices up 2.5%, clothing prices up 0.6%, healthcare prices up 0.5%, housing prices down 0.6%, and transportation and communication prices down 0.6%.

Service prices rose by 1.0% in the first quarter. Among all services, airfares were up 71.7%, travel agency charges up 13.9%, and movie and show ticket prices up 8.5%.

In March, Zhongshan's consumer prices fell by 0.4% month on month.

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