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[Video] 'I teach samba football in Zhongshan'

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva visited China recently, working together with China to open up a new era for China-Brazil partnership. In Zhongshan, many Brazilians have settled here, though thousands of miles away from their home. 

47-year-old Brazilian football coach Elio Julio has been coaching in China for over three years. More than a year ago, he came to Zhongshan and became a coach for the football team of Zhongshan Experimental Middle School. Nowadays, his wife, his son, and his daughter are all studying and living in China. His 20-year-old son plays futsal in a club in Shanxi, and his daughter is in the third grade of an elementary school in Zhongshan. He said that working in China has opened the door to happiness in life. They love Zhongshan and hope to live here forever.

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