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ZSBTV partners with China Today to showcase ZS to the world

China International Communications Group's China Today magazine and Zhongshan Broadcasting & Television Station (ZSBTV) recently reached an agreement to jointly build the China Today Zhongshan Lounge. 


Cuiheng Village (Photo/Yu Zhaoyu)

Under this agreement, the two sides will jointly build the China Today Zhongshan Lounge in the ancient Cuiheng Village, where the former residence of Sun Yat-sen is located. With focus on the reception of friends at home and abroad and foreign chambers of commerce as well as the organization of forums, exchanges and reciprocal visits, the two sides will work together to create physical space for brand culture exchanges, cultural and creative products display and reading activities and to operate the Internet and new media platforms of the China Today Zhongshan Lounge in accordance with high standards, so as to tell the great stories of China and Zhongshan to the world.

The new platform will be used to promote Zhongshan's culture, advantages and development experience to the rest of China and the world, and showcase China's changes from the perspective of Zhongshan, so as to help the world get a better understanding of China and boost Sino-foreign cultural exchanges, according to Hu Baomin, president of China Today magazine.

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