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Latest schedule for COVID vaccination

Weekly schedule of expat vaccination service starting February 27, 2023

Open hours: 8:00-11:30, 14:00-16:30 on Friday and Saturday


4th Floor, outpatient building of Zhongshan Torch Development Zone People's Hospital, No.123 Yixian Road (逸仙路), Torch Development Zone


The first and second shots for people aged 3 and above, and the third and fourth shots (booster shots) for people aged 18 and above do not need a prior appointment. Other mobile vaccination sites are temporarily closed until further notice.


1. People aged 3-17 and over 75 must be accompanied by a guardian or family member.

2. Children aged 3-11 need to download Yue Miao (粤苗) APP and complete registration, and bring their vaccination certificates.

3. People aged 60 or above can receive the booster shot 3 months after the completion of full vaccination, and people aged 18-59 can receive the booster shot 6 months after the completion of full vaccination. People aged 18 or above can receive the second booster shot 6 months after receiving the first booster shot. The booster shots are not available for people aged under 18.

4. People who are infected with novel coronavirus should take the vaccination at least 6 months after infection. 

5. Those who need PCR testing should be tested first before being vaccinated, and they are not advised to take PCR test within 48 hours after vaccination.

Any adjustment will be further noticed

Hotline: 28152300

English Hotline: 88339063 (available at working hours)

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