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Zhongshan issues second batch of sports vouchers

From 10 am on September 1 to September 30, the Zhongshan Education and Sports Bureau will issue the second batch of sports vouchers worth 1.2 million yuan to citizens across the city.

The second batch of sports vouchers will be issued through the UnionPay APP. Citizens can receive vouchers online or offline. During the event, citizens can collect vouchers online by downloading the UnionPay APP and logging in or by visiting physical stores participating in this activity to claim vouchers by scanning QR code.

After receiving their vouchers, citizens can enjoy discounts at participating sports venues all over the city. The coupon denominations cover 10 yuan, 20 yuan and 50 yuan discounts. Each voucher is valid 7 days since it is redeemed.

At present, 98 public and privately-owned sports venues are participating in this event, providing a wide range of sports events, including swimming, dancing, fitness, Taekwondo, tennis, badminton, basketball, go-karting, firing practice, table tennis, football, golf and so on.

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