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Archaistic ACG show to take place during May Day holiday

The 2021 China (Zhongshan) ACG Festival will be jointly hosted by Zhan's Garden, a national 4A scenic spot in Zhongshan, and from May 1 to 5 to promote traditional Chinese clothing and Chinese comic culture.

At that time, in addition to well-known Han Chinese Clothing Cosplayers, there will be archery contests, Classic Literature, Lyre, Chinese Chess, Calligraphy, and Painting showcases, Pipa performances, ancient dances, lion dances, tea ceremonies, the "Return to the Tang Dynasty" Chang'an Avenue Garden Party, and other activities.

There will also be oil-paper umbrella making, lantern making, sugar painting, Touhu, archery rituals, riddle solving, and a special event called "Lost Token" fun treasure hunt.

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