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Integrated cultural tourism supermarket opens in Zhongshan Studio City


"Qichi Bar", an integrated cultural tourism supermarket, was opened at the entrance of the Zhongshan Studio City in the Tourism Area of Sun Yat-sen's Hometown, a national 5A tourist area, before the Spring Festival.

Qichi Bar is a combination of tourism shop, light food restaurant, art exhibition and book store. It is built to create new commercial marketing opportunities with Zhongshan characteristics to promote the development of all-for-one tourism.

"We are trying to create an experiential shopping environment," said Tang Yiqing, marketing manager of the Zhongshan Studio City.

Qichi Bar covers nearly 200 square meters. On the shelves of the bar are Zhongshan specialties such as almond cakes from Juxiangyuan, Sun's Family Liquor products from Shiqi Liquor Factory, Tuwei Rose Wine from Jucheng Liquor Factory, Xiaolan Embroidery products. Visitors can deeply appreciate the culture around Sun Yat-sen and Zhongshan, and they can buy all sorts of famous Zhongshan products at the same time.

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