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Zhongshan's ICH projects displayed online


The second Saturday in June every year is China's Cultural and Natural Heritage Day. This year, the Zhongshan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center will launch on-line activities and adopt a number of innovative measures to display the beauty of Zhongshan's intangible cultural heritage projects.

The Center will launch the "Zhongshan Intangible Cultural Heritage Promotion Conference". Following "Zhongshan Culture and Tourism" and "Zhongshan Cultural Center" on Tik Tok, audiences can participate the live streaming held on June 13 at 19:30. A famous local celebrity will host the live stream. By following the official accounts on Tik Tok, citizens can enjoy discounts for the products.

Search "Zhongshan Intangible Cultural Heritage" Wechat applet and take part in the prize-winning quiz from June 6 to 13. You will have the opportunity to receive e-coupons, which can be used at the shopping festival on June 13.

In June, 8 intangible cultural heritage projects will be introduced in the "Intangible Cultural Heritage Lecture Hall" program. The skills of Juxiangyuan Almond Cake, food made from the Tuwei Rose, the Drunken Dragon Dance, and the Kirin Dance will be displayed.

The Zhongshan Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall will also launch a VR panoramic display, allowing citizens to visit the exhibition hall and watch the performance without leaving their homes.

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