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Zhongshan to issue e-coupons of 20 million yuan

From April 20 to May 20, Zhongshan city will launch the "Shopping Carnival to Benefit Citizens" to promote consumer activities, and issue electronic coupons worth 20 million yuan to encourage consumption.

Xie Li, deputy director of the Zhongshan Bureau of Commerce, said that a total of 30 million yuan would be allocated for this shopping carnival, of which 20 million yuan would be made into electronic coupons to support in-store consumption. The e-coupons would be issued in two rounds. Citizens can sign up to participate a lucky draw through the "Yue Sheng Shi" WeChet applet to get a random coupon. They can go directly to the designated business districts to join in the shopping carnival.

Both all-purpose coupons and coupons dedicated for specific business districts are available for all Zhongshan citizens and tourists. By issuing e-coupons, Zhongshan encourages citizens and tourists to make in-store consumption. These coupons can be used in such areas as catering, retail, beauty salons, scenic spots, and hotels.

In addition, Zhongshan will invest 10 million yuan to support enterprises to enter e-commerce platforms to expand online business, and help them quickly tap the market through the Internet.

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