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Sun Yat-sen Memorial Library reopens


Sun Yat-sen Memorial Library reopened on March 30. The reopening areas included: the lobby, children's reading space and Sun Yat-sen's Study on the first floor, the youth reading space on the second floor, and the literature area on the third floor. The newspaper reading rooms and art gallery are temporarily closed to the general public.

During the epidemic, the opening hours of the library have been adjusted to 9:00-17:00. The whole library has taken measures to restrict and limit the number of readers entering. Readers need to make appointments in advance before entering the library. The daily appointments are divided into 4 available periods, with a total of 200 readers in each period.

On March 30, a total of 800 readers made appointments to enter the library through the system, and nearly 200 citizens entered the library to borrow or read books through on-site registration.

At present, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Library has also increased the number of books borrowed with deposit-free library cards from 10 to 15, with the borrowing period remaining at 31 days.

Starting March 30, Zhongshan Museum also partly resumes opening.

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