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Villagers in Zuobu build a glass library

The Zuobu Rice Field Library is now under construction. [Photo by Sun Junjun]

Zuobu Village recently added a new scenic place in this harvest season. A green-framed glass house stands by a golden rice field, with wooden bookshelves and volumes of books.

Xu Donghao and her nephew Xu Jiajie, both are Zuobu villagers, own the library. They are making final preparations for the opening of the library, which will be accessible to villagers and tourists free of charge at the end of this month.

Xu Jiajie is a returned overseas Chinese from Chile. After returning to Zuobu Village, he found that in these years, with the advancement of rural revitalization, the village had undergone tremendous changes. "I want to do something for the village, so the idea of building a shared library was born," said Xu Jiajie.

His idea was fully supported by his aunt Xu Donghao. It took less than three months for them to complete the project, from choosing the site, reclaiming the land, building a glass house, planting trees to perfecting greening facilities. Now, the glass library under the green trees is like a small oasis, bringing a strong cultural vibe to Zuobu Village.

"Our library has a collection of more than 5,000 books, a dozen reading seats and full WIFI coverage. There is also a small bar next to the library where drinks and desserts will be served. When you are tired of wandering in the village, you can come here for a cup of coffee, read a book and enjoy the beautiful countryside at different times."

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