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Zhongshan Cultural Tourism Carnival to kick off this weekend

The "Fun in Zhongshan" Cultural Tourism Carnival 2019 will kick off this weekend (November 23 and 24) at Central Power Plaza.

This year, the Zhongshan Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau will launch a series of activities with local features, such as urban culture promotion, tourism resources promotion, fashionable food experience, and the exhibition and trade of creative commodities. They include the Zhongshan Cultural Tourism Exhibition, Internet-Famous Gourmet Fair, Agilawood Performance, Modern Music Carnival, among others, which all offer a cultural tourism bonanza for citizens and tourists.

In the Zhongshan Cultural Tourism Exhibition, citizens can experience the spark between traditional Xiangshan culture and modern fashion.

In order to increase public participation, excavate and promote the unique local food culture of Zhongshan, display areas for internet-famous gourmet and Zhongshan traditional nine dishes will be set up for tourists to enjoy local cuisine and take photos.

In the interactive experience display area, there is a "Play in Zhongshan" cultural interaction zone, where staff can teach you creative speed painting, ceramic art, and so on, to give you a taste of Zhongshan cultural characteristics. Moreover, citizens can win a souvenir by participating in the game to collect stamps.

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