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Zhongshan top 10 Cantonese cuisine chefs announced


The 2019 Zhongshan Top 10 Cantonese Cuisine Chefs Selection and Cantonese Cuisine Master Professional Skills Competition took place on November 16 in Xiaolan. A total of 20 renowned chefs competed for the title. [Photo by Miao Xiaojian]

After 3 hours of competition, Lu Gen and 9 other chefs won the "Zhongshan Cantonese Cuisine Chefs 2019".

On that same day, the annual "Top 10 Dishes" and "Top 10 Desserts" were equally announced. "Double-boiled Pigeon Stuffed with Birdnest" and other 9 won the "Zhongshan Top 10 Dishes 2019", while "Crispy Swan Cake" and other 9 won the "Zhongshan Top 10 Desserts 2019".

Zhongshan Top 10 Cantonese Cuisine Chefs 2019

No.1: Lu Gen, works at Harbour City (Xiaolan)

No.2: Gao Yonghui, head chef of South Sea Fishing Village

No.3: Huang Xiqiang, head chef of Zhongshan Jiayu Daxin Catering Service Co Ltd

No.4: Wu Zeli, executive chef of Nanlang Harbour Restaurant Co Ltd

No.5: Huang Faqiu, executive chef of Xiaolan Family Cantonese Restaurant Co Ltd

No.6: Zhu Deqiang, food creative and QC director of Zhongshan Hot Spring Resort

No.7: Chen Jianhui, dim sum director of Jinhui Restaurant, Lihe Group

No.8: Huang Zihang, executive chef of Zhongshan International Hotel

No.9: Ou Jianxin, executive chef of Zhongshan Harbour City

No.10: Yan Weijun, works in King Century Hotel Zhongshan

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