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Classic opera The Lady of the Camellias to be performed

One of the most popular classic operas The Lady of the Camellias by the famous Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi will be put on by Shanghai Opera House in Zhongshan on the evening of 16th November. In order to make audiences know more about the opera, Zhang Guoyong, the famous composer and chief conductor of Shanghai Opera House, will give a lecture on 13th November to explain the charm and fantastic plot of the opera and singers Song Qian and Han Peng will sing certain classic pieces on the spot.

The background of The Lady of the Camellias this time is set in the 1920s in Shanghai, which is very similar to that of Paris. The whole story will happen in the quarter-deck of an international cruise named “Camellias”. Therefore, the opera is different from the traditional one with a unique ocean flavor.
Time: 8p.m 16th November, 2016
Venue: Grand Theater, Zhongshan Arts and Culture Center
Performer: Shanghai Opera House
Price: 880RMB 680RMB 480RMB 380RMB 280RMB 180RMB 120RMB 80RMB

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