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1st city industry-education consortium in ZS inaugurated

Zhongshan's first city industry-education consortium was recently founded by Zhongshan Technical Secondary School and Zhongshan Torch Group.

Based in Zhongshan Torch Group's industrial Park, the consortium was initiated by Zhongshan MLTOR CNC Technology Co Ltd, Harden Machinery Ltd and Guangdong Unis Technology Co Ltd, with 85 members including secondary and higher vocational colleges, leading enterprises, sci-tech innovation enterprises and industry associations. It has multiple functions in terms of talent training, innovation and entrepreneurship and boosting industrial development.

The consortium will carry out cooperation in 12 areas, which include co-construction of industrial colleges, on-the-job internships, apprenticeship with Chinese characteristics, co-building of training facilities, skilled worker training for enterprises, conducting scientific research or technical services with enterprises, etc.

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