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Watercolor and paper cutting arts exhibition

Zhongshan Watercolor & Paper Cutting Exhibition is held in Zhongshan, Hong Kong and Macau by Zhongshan CPPCC, Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Association, Dachong Town Government, Macau Chinese Culture Exchange Association and Yunfeng Gallery Studio to celebrate the 150th birthday of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. The opening ceremony was held in Dachong on Sept. 5th, as the first station of the cruise exhibition. State Council counselor, former Vice Foreign Minister Qiao Zonghuai, Zhongshan CPPCC Chairman Qiu Shuhong, Zhongshan CPPCC Vice Chairman Liu Chuanpei, Sun Bisheng as a representative of Sun Yat-sen’s family, paper cutting artist Liang Jiekang attended the ceremony.

The watercolor theme of the exhibition has collected nearly 100 pieces from 26 painters and selected over 60 for the exhibition in the theme of figures, landscapes, flowers and birds. Folk paper cutting artist Liang Jiekang is a returned overseas Chinese and has prepared for years for Sun Yat-sen’s 150th birthday celebration. “I am also a Zhongshan citizen so I have the responsibility and obligation to spread Sun Yat-sen’s spiritual light with my efforts.”

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