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Internet system accessible on CRH in Dec.

Not a dream but an upcoming reality: with just an app on smart phone, passengers of CRH will be able to surf the Internet, text messages, and fluently watch more than 30 TV programs through WIFI.

Mobile network signal has long been a sore for frequent passengers of CRH. To solve this problem, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No.29 Research Institute has developed a satellite transceiver equipment for CRH, which has been installed for further testing and is expected to come into service at the end of 2016. Through one year’s research and development, first prototype for demonstration was submitted by the R&D team in March 2016. In July, CEMU Intelligent High-speed Railway Internet System was successfully installed in Changke and ready for further testing.

Zhang Jie, senior engineer of No.29 Research Institute, says: “The highest speed of CRH is about 350 km/h while this technology can normally function and provide Internet service at the speed within 500 km/h.” Besides, target users of this equipment is set at 700 people, which means it is fully capable to provide service for all the passengers for so far CRH with 8 coaches has a maximum 560-passenger capacity. The service is scheduled to be put into operation in December, and gradually expand the coverage.

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