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Innovation enlightenment of book borrowing

The key factor in development of brick-and-mortar bookstores is continuous innovation of reading experience. The innovation capacity of bookstores could not be replaced by any support or encouragement from government or society. Lament is the least beneficial approach to alter reality, only to make it worse. It is better to breakthrough and innovate than flounder and evaporate.

Since the opening of the 8th Zhongshan Book Fair on August 19th, the first weekend has witnessed a peak of book purchasing. In contrast to the sea of people, the sales volumes of some booksellers are on the decrease. At the same time, the attempt of book borrowing activity held by Zhongshan Library is greatly welcomed and its sales volume has reached 70,000 yuan just on this weekend. Cai Fei, vice president of Zhongshan Library, expects that sales during the fair will exceed 100,000 yuan, which she believes is related to the liquidity of book borrowing.

The popularity of this activity is resulted by changing the tradition, innovating reading styles and offering different reading experiences to consumers, which is an enlightenment for many traditional bookshops in hot water. In order to get out of trouble and revitalize themselves, innovation is a necessity, particularly in reading experience.

To daringly innovate in reading experience is to actively adapt. In fact, many bookstores in metropolitan cities have extended their business by setting up literary saloon and offering snacks and coffee in order to survive. SDX Joint Publishing Company even offers 24-hour service to improve consumers’ reading experience. These efforts are to create unique reading experience for their readers. 
Tranquility and pleasure for mind is what reading experience would bring to people. It is also the spiritual feeling readers are yearning for. A sort of Reading Reliance would be gradually created between the bookstore and consumers when they gain a different reading experience wherein. They would fall in love with the store and become loyal to it. The more loyal customers a bookstore has, the firmer its developing foundation will be.

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