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The 9th Cultural Festival of Jiankang Huacheng opens in Torch Development Zone

The opening ceremony of the 9th Cultural Festival of Jiangkang Huacheng

The inauguration of Zhongshan Writers and Artists Creation Base” and “Literature and Art Association of Torch Development Zone Jiankang Huacheng Branch”.

The recitation of a Chinese classic.

The inauguration of “Sun Yat-sen Cultural Square”.

Special model actor Mr. Xi Wen was giving a speech “Sun Yat-sen’s Remarks on Individual Cultivation and Family Regulation”.

The 9th Cultural Festival of Jiankang Huacheng opened in Torch Development Zone in the residence community on the morning of July 22. The venue was very crowded and the property owners were excited at the festival. At the opening ceremony Zhongshan’s first residence association of literature and arts and Zhongshan’s second “Sun Yat-sen Cultural Square” were inaugurated in the residential garden.

The residential garden would hold a residence cultural festival in July or August every year. It has been held for 9 times, each time with a concrete theme. This festival will last for 10 days and prepare 25 activities in 3 categories around the theme “family tradition and harmony”.

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