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CCTV News highlights Spring Festival activities in Zhongshan


An intangible cultural heritage show takes place at the Zhongshan Studio City, February 11, 2024. (Photo/Miao Xiaojian) 

During the Spring Festival holiday, Zhongshan organized hundreds of cultural and sports activities around its food, intangible cultural heritage, sports, music and other resources. Festive vibes can be experienced almost everywhere in the city, whether in the basketball courts in villages, the pedestrian street in old city area, or the stages in countryside.

Statistics show that since the first day of the Spring Festival holiday, Zhongshan has witnessed increases in tourists received, overnight visitors and tourism revenues, the figures of which are up 60.12%, 50.30% and 43.42% year-on-year respectively.

Splendid events organized in Zhongshan, including the Spring Festival food carnival, "Village BA" basketball matches and intangible cultural heritage parade and flash mob, were covered by CCTV News for eight times and by Guangdong News for three times.

These Spring Festival-themed events were also reported by such media agencies as Xinhua, People's Daily, CCTV, Xuexi Qiangguo, Nanfang Daily, GDTV, Southern Metropolis Daily, Guangzhou Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, STV, Zhongshan Daily, ZSBTV,, attracting over 100 million viewers.

In addition, Zhongshan also joined hands with provincial and municipal media agencies to organize 9 live-streaming activities for eight consecutive days, attracting a total of 4 million viewers.

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