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Socially responsible enterprises in Zhongshan awarded


The 7th Zhongshan Media Awards for Socially Responsible Enterprises took place at the Zhongshan Hot Spring Resort on January 23.

More than 60 enterprises, including China (Hong Kong) English School, Teamstar, Cuiheng Group and Zhongshan Xingzhong Group, as well as 14 entrepreneurs, including Choi Kwok Chan, Luo Jianhua and Wei Laijin, were awarded nine categories of awards, including Enterprise Award for Serving the Real Economy, Enterprise Award for Caring Talent, Enterprise Award for Outstanding Contributions in Industrial Park Renovation, Enterprise Award for Brand Value, Enterprise Award for High-quality Development, Enterprise Award for Industry Influence, Enterprise Award for Social Responsibility, Annual Entrepreneurship Award, and Annual Private Entrepreneur Award for Social Responsibility.

The event was launched in October last year, attracting active participation of nearly 200 renowned and outstanding enterprises in the city.

"In the early 1990s, I established China (Hong Kong) English School in Zhongshan. Over the past 30 years, the CHES and myself have donated nearly 10 million yuan worth money and materials to support good causes in Zhongshan," said Dr Choi Kwok Chan, chairman of the CHES, who also won the Annual Private Entrepreneur Award for Social Responsibility.

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