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Modern agriculture promotion conference held in ZS


The Zhongshan Modern Agriculture and Food Industry Promotion Conference took place in Tanzhou Town on May 16 to showcase the city's unique location and solid agricultural foundation.

Key modern agriculture and food industry projects were signed at the meeting, including those by Kingsky Group Macau, Guangdong Runliang Trade Co Ltd, Zhongshan Haoweixian Catering Service Co Ltd and Beijing Hetun Family Technology Industry Co Ltd, with a total investment of 2.65 billion yuan. Agricultural Bank of China Zhongshan Branch concluded an initial agreement with Tanzhou to extend a credit line of over 100 million yuan to the latter.

The Zhongshan Sanjiao Intelligent Temperature-controlled Food Eco-city was the project with the largest investment of 1.2 billion yuan among the newly signed. It plans to build an intelligent supply chain center, a global high-end food display and trading center, a regional temperature-controlled food operation center, an intelligent temperature-controlled food warehousing and distribution center and a global high-end food processing center in Sanjiao, as well as to build a provincial modern snakehead industrial park in collaboration with Sanjiao, so as to develop into an innovative intelligent temperature-controlled food eco-city engaged in the trading, processing, quality testing, exhibition and sales, warehousing and financial services of imported fresh food.

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