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Black technologies boost spring farming


The 2023 Spring Farming & Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Show of Zhongshan was held at the rice production base of Xinwang Farmer Cooperative in Torch Development Zone on March 15.

In addition to the display of advanced agricultural equipment and facilities such as rice seeder, unmanned rice transplanter, unmanned tractor, plant protection drone and field patrollers, high-yield rice varieties like Nanjing Xiangzhan and 19 Xiang were demonstrated during the show. Farmers and agricultural technicians exchanged ideas on the technology for quantity reduction and efficiency of chemical fertilizer, the technology for crop pest control, the knowledge of agricultural insurance, and the use of Dr Fertilizer App.

"Unmanned devices" is the biggest highlight of this year's Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Show, and is also an epitome of Zhongshan's sci-tech support to farmers. To date, Zhongshan's comprehensive mechanization rate of rice plowing, sowing and harvesting has reached 91.4%.

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