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Drunken Dragon cultural festival kicks off in West District


The West District Drunken Dragon Cultural Festival kicked off on September 26 at the square of the Zhongshan Museum of Art.

At about 9:30 am, the sound of gongs and drums echoed along the banks of the Qijiang River. Six lion dance teams followed the beat of drums and created a lively atmosphere, officially kicking off the 10th West District Drunken Dragon Cultural Festival.

At the opening ceremony, the most eye-catching show was a short play called "Through Ancient to Modern Times: The Drunken Dragon Tradition". Huang Jinjian, inheritor of the "Drunken Dragon Dance" project, played himself in the show. Drama, dance, sand painting and other performance led the audience to review the history of Drunken Dragon and understand the origin, moves and routines of the Drunken Dragon Dance.

At about 11:00 am, the unique Changzhou Boat-Racing Competition started on the Qijiang River. The sponsor also organized a group of photography enthusiasts to come and capture the moment. The Competition attracted a large number of citizens to stop and watch.

Drunken Dragon, which has a history of nearly 800 years, is a unique folk art project in Zhongshan. In June 2008, it was included in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage list by the State Council.

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