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Amazing Zhongshan Food! Short video contest calling for entries

Amazing Zhongshan Food Short Video Contest is now calling for your stories about the flavor of Zhongshan!


How to join?

You may produce any food-related short videos in English and upload them to the Zhongshan Plus app (中山+), or to your Douyin account on the topic #amazingzhongshanfood. 

You can also scan the QR code below to access to Zhongshan Plus for downloading contest-exclusive background music and emoticons, as well as English dubbing clips.


What to film?

Basically, it has to be your original food-related footage covering the following topics and categories:

- Vlogs about visiting local restaurants and night markets, trying local dishes or specialty farm produce, etc.

- Vlogs about local home-made food, such as Ludou Zongzi, steamed buns, and signature rice noodles.

- Videos on Zhongshan chefs, including famous chefs and young chefs, village chefs and children chefs.

- Videos on overseas Zhongshanese and their food-related stories.

Filming Rules

Video length: Less than 3 minutes

Video language: English is the main language for the contest while Mandarin and Cantonese are also accepted but a minimal amount of English words or phrases should be used.

Other technical requirements: File format should be MP4 while file size should be less than 100Mb. No watermark, commercial advertisement or QR code link are allowed in the video.

Contesting videos can be submitted by individuals, social groups as well as companies.


The following winners will be selected from videos with English explanations or dubbing:

- International Spokesperson for Zhongshan Food: RMB 3,000

- Zhongshan Food Ambassador: RMB 1,000

※ All English video contributors will win an exquisite medal themed "Amazing Zhongshan Food".

The following winners will be selected from entries uploaded to Zhongshan Plus:

- Zhongshan Plus Foodie Influencer (1 winner): RMB 3,000

- Zhongshan Plus Foodie (5 winners): RMB 1,000

The following winners will be selected from entries uploaded to Douyin:

- Douyin Foodie Influencer (1 winner): RMB 3,000

- Douyin Foodie (5 winners): RMB 1,000

Other prizes

- To encourage the participation of students under 16, special prizes will be awarded to student contestants. Top ten student contestants will win a Young Foodie badge as well as special prizes.

- The title of Amazing Zhongshan Food Partners will be granted to individuals, companies and restaurants who offer strong support to the contest.

- Remember to vote! Prizes will be also given to voters. All contest participants and voters will be entitled to a monthly lucky draw after voting on Zhongshan Plus. Winners will be given food coupons by restaurants or food enterprises in Zhongshan.

How to upload videos?

Upload videos via Zhongshan Plus by scanning the QR code below (or click Read More at the bottom).


Upload a short video on your Douyin account with the tag #amazingzhongshanfood.

※Selected short videos will be reposted by the event organizer on social media such as Xiaohongshu(小红书) and Bilibili.

Voting Rules

Voting Time: Due 11:59 pm, February 29, 2024

Voting App: Zhongshan Plus(中山+)

WeChat users may cast 5 votes per day. By downloading the app and entering the voting page, users may cast another 20 votes per day.

Contest Schedule

Contest and Voting: From today to February 29, 2024

Awarding Ceremony: March, 2024


Copyright of the entries belongs to the original copyright owner. The organizer respects and retains the copyright of the entries. The participants will be liable for any legal responsibilities related to reputation, portrait, and copyright of the videos.

The organizers have the right to use the videos and reserve the right of post-processing, including non-profit promotion or playback by relevant media. The organizers reserve the right of final interpretation.

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