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Zhongshan: Projects to invite private investment

The promotion conference and signing ceremony of investment projects for private capital were held on July 20 in Zhongshan City. It plans to seek investment for 36 projects and 2 application scenarios, with a total planned investment exceeding 110 billion yuan, to further stimulate the vitality of private investment and attract outstanding enterprises at home and abroad.


▲An official introduces Cuiheng New District's business environment and investment projects at the event. (Photo/Xia Shengquan)

The unveiled projects cover many fields, such as public infrastructure, industrial park construction and service industries. Eight of them are public infrastructure projects, with a total investment of 24.4 billion yuan, including the TOD project of the Nansha-Zhongshan Intercity Railway, the E-Park Digital Economy Base, and the Cuiheng energy storage power station and regional cooling system.

A total of 15.8 billion yuan will be invested in 7 industrial park construction projects, which aim to develop industrial clusters for high-end equipment, next-generation information technology, new energy vehicles, power batteries and etc. These include Torch New Energy Industrial Park and Torch Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park, Cuiheng Health & Medicine Industrial Park, Shiqi Live-streaming E-Commerce Industrial Park, and etc.

With a total investment of 74.7 billion yuan, the 21 service projects cover such fields as high-end medical treatment, business services, culture and tourism, headquarters economy, and agriculture. Among them, the Cuiheng Bay Area International Medical City project has an investment of 15 billion yuan, while the projects including the Cuiheng South Tower and the Wharf Exhibition Center have a total investment of 21.5 billion yuan.

Cuiheng New District and Shiqi District also launched a number of headquarters economy projects, with a total investment of 12 billion yuan. These projects cover high-precision manufacturing, sci-tech innovation, innovative R&D and other fields.

The two application scenarios focus on management of gas safety monitoring and early warning, as well as multi-interactive practical training (in the Sino-German vocational skills training base).

Attendees were positive about the future development of Zhongshan and looked forward to investing in the city to achieve win-win results.

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