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Images: On and off the stage

There has been a "drama fever" in Zhongshan in mid-September, with the premieres of two major drama plays "The Wind Rises" and "Phoenix Wood outside the Window".

"The Wind Rises" is a CPC history-related suspense drama about Zhongshan's underground activities during the Anti-Japanese War. "Phoenix Wood Outside the Window" is a contemporary story about Zhongshan's fight against the epidemic from the perspective of ordinary people, and it is very popular with audiences.

Behind the impressive content and attractive plots are the dedication of directors, screenwriters and actors and the hard work of dozens of staff over the past month.


On the evening of September 17, Zhongshan's anti-epidemic story "Phoenix Wood Outside the Window" premiered at the Guangdong Repertory Theatre. [Photos by Sun Junjun]


The performers take a short rest backstage around 3 am after the rehearsal.


The figurants take photos before the curtain is lifted.


On the evening of September 15, the CPC history-related suspense drama "The Wind Rises" premiered at the Zhongshan Culture & Art Center.


The leading actor waits backstage.


The director carefully instructs the performers during rehearsal.


A few minutes before the premiere, the leading actor still practices his scenes in the dressing room.


The lighting and sound technician monitors and adjusts the stage effects backstage.


Experts have an intense discussion at a creative seminar.

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