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Rules rolled out for funding pilot industrial park digital management projects

The Zhongshan Bureau of Industry and Information Technology on March 7 released the Implementation Rules for Funding Pilot Projects of Digital Management of Industrial Parks and Digital Transformation of Industrial Clusters.

The Rules propose efforts to support over 10 industrial parks in realizing digital management, promote the pilot digital transformation of over 10 industrial clusters, assist 500 industrial enterprises to implement digital transformation, and build at least 5 digital service platforms for industrial clusters by 2025.

In addition, Zhongshan will choose not more than 5 industrial clusters for pilot digital transformation every year, and priority support will be given to those that have obtained approval for provincial pilot projects.

For the pilot projects of digital management of industrial parks, each applicant would be granted a maximum lump sum of 5 million yuan that does not exceed 50% of the applicant's total investment (excluding the investment in digital software systems and intelligent hardware).

For the pilot projects of digital transformation of industrial clusters, each applicant would be granted a maximum lump sum of 20 million yuan based on the number of enterprises served by the applicant, the operating revenues and tax revenues of served enterprises and the actual total investment of projects.

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