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Zhongshan releases development plan for hydrogen industry

The Zhongshan Development Plan for the Hydrogen Industry (2022-2025) compiled by the Zhongshan Development and Reform Bureau was recently released.

According to the Plan, Zhongshan will vigorously develop the hydrogen industry and create a "One Core & Two Belts" development hub. The core will be located eastern part (formerly Ma'an Island) of Cuiheng New District, while the two belts will be the Eastern Bay Area Hydrogen Industry Belt and the Southwestern Riverside Hydrogen Industry Belt.

The Eastern Bay Area Hydrogen Industry Belt will take Cuiheng New District as the center and mainly cover Torch Development Zone, Minzhong District and Sanjiao Town. It focuses on the development of hydrogen production, storage and transportation equipment, and hydrogen cell (automobile) industries.

The Southwestern Riverside Hydrogen Industry Belt will be based on the Zhongshan Innovation Park and mainly cover South District, Dachong Town, Banfu Town and Shenwan Town. It will carry out the research and development and achievement transferring of core hydrogen technologies, optimize technological innovation systems and mechanisms, promote close cooperation and coordinated development among dominant industrial chain enterprises, develop hydrogen-powered vessel manufacturing, and coordinate with the Eastern Bay Area Hydrogen Industry Belt.

According to the Plan, Zhongshan's hydrogen industry scale is expected to reach 10 billion yuan by 2025 and over 50 billion yuan by 2030.

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