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Zhongshan showcases anti-smuggling efforts


The Zhongshan Public Security Bureau on September 3 held a press conference in conjunction with the Zhongshan Coast Guard Administration to report on a number of major anti-smuggling cases recently cracked and to showcase some of the items involved.

From January to August this year, 365 cases involving smuggling were investigated and dealt with in Zhongshan. A total of 628 smugglers involved were arrested and 299 people were held in criminal detention.

About 9,300 tons of frozen goods, 6,190 kilograms of mink, 91.3 kilograms of edible bird's nests, 15,000 electronic products, 98.8 tons of refined oil, and 446 tons of solid waste were seized, and nearly 200 illegally unidentified ships involved in smuggling were tracked down.

At present, the value of the cases has been determined to be 520 million yuan, and the total value calculated is expected to exceed 2 billion yuan.

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