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Zhongshan to unveil rules for parking fees in residential areas

The Zhongshan Administration for Market Regulation is soliciting public opinions on the "Rules for Parking Fees in Residential Areas" with the deadline on September 20.

The new rules are applicable to "parking spaces, garages, and underground carports planned for motor vehicle parking and not yet sold within residential building areas". The parking charging standard for open parking spaces shared by all owners is not covered the new rules.

After the implementation of the new rules, the rent of parking spaces in residential areas must be decided by operators through consultation with the landowner's committees or representatives. Those who arbitrarily formulate or raise the pricing standards for motor vehicle parking services without negotiation with the landowner committee or representatives shall be ordered by the Zhongshan Administration for Market Regulation to make corrections within a time limit; if they fail to make such corrections, they shall be fined between 100,000 and 500,000 yuan.

On January 1 this year, the Zhongshan Parking Regulations came into effect. The new rules are based on the "Zhongshan Parking Regulations".

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