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Zhongshan adds 2 national 3A scenic spots

The Caobian Village rural tourism area in South District and the Diyin Lake Eco-tourism Resort in Sanjiao Town have been rated as national 3A scenic spots.

Caobian Village, located in the southwest of South District, is one of the most well-preserved ancient villages in Zhongshan.


The scenery here is exceptionally unique, with the well-preserved Caobian School, Wuhou Temple, Number One Scholar Plaque, artillery towers and ancient watchtowers. The village is also abundant in natural resources, including ferns and bamboo palms. Furthermore, there are national second-class protected plants like 400-year old banyan trees, 100-year old agarwood trees, and a variety of precious Chinese medicinal herbs.


Diyin Lake Eco-tourism Resort is located on Jinsan Avenue, Sanjiao Town. It is a general scenic area offering agricultural sightseeing, recreation and entertainment and science education.


The resort boasts beautiful and well-arranged natural landscapes, including lakes, mountains, forests, grasslands and flower fields. The pristine lake water, along with the abundance of flowers and trees, makes it an ideal natural habitat for birds, earning it the nickname "Zhongshan Bird Paradise".


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