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Retracing Yang Yin's footsteps in these attractions

"If the young people are strong, the country will be strong."

At the beginning of 1911, the 19-year-old Yang Yin joined the Chinese Revolutionary Alliance (also known as "Tongmenghui") with a passion for revolution. When the fruits of the 1911 Revolution were stolen by Yuan Shikai, Dr. Sun Yat-sen opposed Yuan Shikai's proclaiming himself emperor and launched the Second Revolution in 1913. Yang Yin actively supported Sun Yat-sen, and he once injured Zheng Rucheng, the general commander of Shanghai and Yuan Shikai's trusted subordinate, with a bomb.

In the first half of 1922, Yang Yin joined the Communist Party of China. To help the Party to solve the problem of financial difficulties, he sold his property and donated his late wife's jewels to the organization to finance the revolution. Yang Yin soon became an important leader in Guangdong and subsequently participated in leading the Canton-Hong Kong Strike and organizing the Guangzhou Uprising in 1927, all of which were important events in the history of the Chinese revolution. However, in August 1929, Yang Yin was arrested in Shanghai with Peng Pai and some other comrades because a renegade informed against them. Before his execution, Yang Yin said to his comrades in prison: "A person who has attained enlightenment has no regret in life!"


Nowadays, in the calm and peaceful village of Cuiheng, Yang Yin's former residence stands quietly, telling the story of the martyr's magnificent revolutionary career.

Built in 1888, Yang Yin's former residence was funded by his grandfather Yang Qiwen, and the construction was directed by his father Yang Hanchuan. The main body of the residence covers an area of 166 square meters facing the east. It is a two-storey, wood and brick structure bungalow with three backyards. With exquisite brick and wood carvings on the eaves, it is a traditional Lingnan-style architecture in Cuiheng Village.


Yang Yin was born and spent his teenage years here in the house. In 1989, Yang Yin’s former residence was listed as a key cultural relic under protection in Guangdong Province. In 2002, it opened to the public after a comprehensive restoration. Nowadays, Yang Yin's former residence has become a red culture study base for primary and secondary school students and a base for Party history study and education for government departments, organizations, enterprises and public institutions.

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