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5 best places to take stunning photos in Zhongshan

Xiangshan Study: Instagram-style study in the park

The Xiangshan Study is located in Zimaling Park with beautiful surroundings. You can read books here while visiting the park.


It is a white building offering a special space for reading.



The study gives off an aura of infinite creativity and inspiration.


There is also a diet bar on the first floor. You can enjoy fine food when you are tired of reading or touring, and some activities will be held here from time to time.


Huaxing Building: Same scenes in Big Fish & Begonia

Huaxing Building is a three-story, circular building with a courtyard hidden inside, full of strong Hakka cultural elements.



It is now a Hakka restaurant. You can have meals on the first and second floors, or take photos here for free.



Zhongshan Studio City: Time traveling

The Zhongshan Studio City is one of the top 10 film and television bases in China, where many movie and TV stars have come to film here.


There are four areas in the Zhongshan Studio City, with the themes of the UK, the US, China, and Chang'an Street.


You can take pictures with the styles of the Republic of China here. It is recommended to take pictures under the softer sunlight at 3 or 4 pm.


There are many shops in the attraction, where you can rent Han Chinese costume and Qipao, as well as do simple makeup.

Opening hours: 8:00-17:30 on weekdays, 8:30-18:00 on weekends and holidays

Dongdi Market: Enjoy the sea breeze in Yakou

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy the blue sky and long coastline in this romantic place.


A whole row of stalls in different styles are set up along the coast. Just take a seat and "embrace" the sea.



Wall paintings in Xiaolan: Walking on a street full of memories

Narrow streets and alleys in Xiaolan Town are best places for photo taking free of charge. You can spend half a day wandering here to enjoy these wall paintings.



The mural street is located next to Kanggong Road in Xiaolan's Xinshi Community. When you are tired of city walking, you can find a shop to rest and relax.


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