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Travel丨10 best places to visit in Zhongshan


Tourism Area of Sun Yat-sen's Hometown

National AAAAA Tourist Attraction

Zhongshan is named after the great man Dr. Sun Yat-sen. When you come to Zhongshan, you will discover many things that bear witness to Dr. Sun Yat-sen's revolutionary activities in China and around the world. If you want to follow in Dr. Sun Yat-sen's footsteps and explore the spiritual core of the city of Zhongshan , the AAAAA tourist attraction - Tourism Area of Sun Yat-sen's Hometown (孙中山故里旅游区) is the best choice.

If you come to the Tourism Area of Sun Yat-sen's Hometown, the most important place you can't miss is the Museum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen (孙中山故居纪念馆), which tells the story of Sun Yat-sen's life with vivid displays. Coming out from the museum hall, you can stroll through Cuiheng Village (翠亨村), the hometown of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. You can slowly walk on the road he walked when he was a child, feel the great man's childhood days, and read his aspirations and ambitions.

Then, you can go to Zhongshan TV and Film City (中山影视城), getting an immersive experience of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's footprints along beautiful buildings. You may also meet the filming crews here. You might follow the joys and sorrows of the characters in the drama, as if opening a piece of dusty history through the time. 

Next, you can go to the Memorial Park of the 1911 Revolution (辛亥革命纪念公园), where the footsteps of great men are recreated, and their stories are restored in historical scenes and natural scenery. Inside the park, there are 18 boulders arranged as the "1911 Revolution Memorial Wall", engraved with diaries, memoirs and poems of Sun Yat-sen, Huang Xing (黄兴) and other revolutionaries on the history of the 1911 Revolution, from which you can feel the turbulence of the times.

Finally, climb to the top of the Litoujian Mountain (犁头尖山), where you can overlook the distant Lingdingyang Sea (伶仃洋) and the whole picture of the tourism area.


Zhongshan Hot Spring Resort

Provincial-level Resort

Zhongshan Hot Spring Resort (中山温泉旅游度假区) consists of core attractions and facilities such as Zhongshan Hot Spring Hotel (中山温泉宾馆), five-star hotel Mingzuo Hotel Zhongshan (中山名座假日酒店), traditional Chinese village Yongmo Village (雍陌村), Guangdong provincial cultural relics protection site Zheng Guanying's Former Residence (郑观应故居), Guangdong provincial Party history education base the "Don't Go Backwards" Park of Luosanmei Mountain (罗三妹山“不走回头路”主题公园), and Zhongshan Hot Spring Golf Club (中山温泉高尔夫球会). 

The resort area has complete supporting facilities, the shopping district is bustling in all seasons, restaurants have attractive food, movie theaters, cultural plazas, Xiangshan study and other cultural facilities are readily available. There are also ancient Lingnan (岭南) clan temples, old residences of historical celebrities, etc, each of which has a story worth listening to. 

A relaxing view makes a pleasant feeling. Zhongshan Hot Spring Resort is waiting for you in the scenic Sanxiang Town.


Zhanyuan Garden

National AAAA Tourist Attraction

Zhanyuan Garden (中山詹园, also called Zhan's Garden), located in Beitai Village, South District, is a AAAA tourist attraction in China and the largest private garden in Lingnan area. 

Zhanyuan Garden was built in 1998 and designed by its owner Mr. Huang Yuanxin, who hired hundreds of skilled craftsmen from Suzhou and Hangzhou to build an elegant and delicate residence for his mother over a period of five years. 

In 2003, the garden, which was originally just a private courtyard, was open to the public. With more landscapes added, today's Zhanyuan Garden has formed a precious artistic landscape of "a mountain, a water and a garden, also poetry, painting and leisure". With unique cultural connotations and exquisite architecture and landscape, Zhanyuan Garden attracts a large number of parents and children for study tours every year.


West Sunwen Road Pedestrian Street

National AAAA Tourist Attraction

West Sunwen Road Pedestrian Street (孙文西路文化旅游步行街) was formerly known as Ying'en Street (迎恩街). After the death of Dr. Sun Yat-sen in 1925, it was renamed West Sunwen Road in honor of Dr. Sun Yat-sen ("Sun Wen" is Sun Yat-sen's original name). 

In April 2015, West Sunwen Road was selected as one of the first batch of China's Historical and Cultural Blocks jointly announced by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the National Cultural Heritage Administration. In March 2023, it was selected as one of the second batch of National Tourism and Leisure Blocks announced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. 

Nowadays, when strolling along West Sunwen Road, you will find the brightly colored arcades on both sides of the street, telling the story of the prosperous business in the past and present in a distinctive Nanyang style.


Zhongshan Museum

National AAA Tourist Attraction

On May 18, 2022, the new Zhongshan Museum (中山市博物馆) officially opened. The building has simple lines and the beauty of Chinese painting. Entering the museum, as if stepping into a time and space tunnel, you can touch the historical and cultural memory of Zhongshan. 

There are mainly five parts of the Zhongshan History Exhibition: Dawn of Xiangshan Marin Civilization, Prosperous Ancient Xiangshan, Shatian and Xiangshan Development, International Trade and Exchange, New Looks of Modern Zhongshan. Here we can touch the historical and cultural symbols of Zhongshan, feel the modern overseas Chinese courses to struggle to save the country and the people, see the marks of the life of Zhongshan people, and feel the charm of the city of Zhongshan.


Sun Yat-sen Memorial Library

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Library (中山纪念图书馆) is a large comprehensive public library. 

The library was founded in 1935, initially located in Xishan Park, Shiqi District. In 1981, the name of the library, "Sun Yat-sen Memorial Library", was inscribed by Soong Ching-ling. In 1991, a new municipal library was built on Xingzhong Avenue, named "Zhongshan Library". In 2014, the library was rebuilt on the original site, and renamed "Sun Yat-sen Memorial Library". On November 12, 2019, it opened to the public on the 153rd anniversary of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's birth.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Library has a floor area of 72,067 square meters, with the appearance of the building resembling "an open book". The interior architectural design embodies the Lingnan characteristics and contains Zhongshan elements. With a collection of 3.67 million books and 2,000 reading seats, it is a modern library that integrates the functions of public reading, information consultation, education and training, academic exchanges, cultural heritage, scientific research, exhibitions and social services.

Xiangshan Studies

In 2022, more than a hundred distinctive Xiangshan studies sprung up in Zhongshan's streets and alleys, leisure parks, scenic plazas, residential communities and large shopping centers, becoming Zhongshan's bright "name cards" and a new type of cultural space beloved by the public and tourists.


Xiangshan Study in Zimaling Park (紫马岭公园香山书房)


Xiangshan Study in Shachong School (沙涌学校香山书房)


Xiangshan Study in Star Quest Bookstore (星求索书苑香山书房)


Chinese Rosewood Culture Expo City

National AAAA Tourist Attraction 

In Zhongshan's Dachong Town, following the dense aroma of wood, you can step into a palace on earth – the Chinese Rosewood Culture Expo City [中国(大涌)红木文化博览城]. Here, you can feel the spirit of Lingnan style gardens, the elegance of southern China style gardens, the good manner of Hui style architecture, and the magnificence of imperial gardens.

You can also enjoy the twists and turns between the pavilions, the details of the craftsmanship, and the leisure of flowing water and swimming fish. Sometimes, you seem to have traveled through time and space and met with traditional Chinese culture, dreaming back to a thousand years in one day. You can put on your favorite Chinese dress, close your eyes at the Chinese Yew Ancient Stage, bathe in the breeze, and dance with elegant shadows. This is the destination to experience traveling through the past and present.


Take a ride on the Skywheel, enjoy the Qijiang River view

Located on the 5th floor of Xingzhong Plaza, the Zhongshan Skywheel (幻彩摩天轮) is a trendy spot in Zhongshan.

Riding on the skywheel at a height of 108 meters, you can see the water of the Qijiang River flowing underneath, and the significant landmarks of the city of Zhongshan are all visible at a glance. You will experience silence of the morning, the hustle and bustle of the daytime, the sparkle of the night, and different colors and charms at different times of one day.

Not far from Xingzhong Plaza is the Qijiang Park (岐江公园), formerly the Zhongshan Yuezhong Shipyard. Designers introduced the concepts of environmentalism, ecological preservation, and urban renewal to transform this old industrial site into a renowned industrial theme park. Choose a windy and sunny night, walk together with someone you like, and enjoy the wind from the Qijiang River and the moon up in the sky. You will see willow trees, painted bridges, windshield curtains, high and low pavilions, and hundreds of thousands of households.


Reservoir Scenery: Every picture is a stunning blockbuster

Zhongshan has a number of reservoirs, including Changjiang Reservoir (长江水库), Jinzhong Reservoir (金钟水库) and Tianxin Reservoir (田心水库), which are popular eco-tourism destinations. 

For photographers, every frame of Zhongshan's reservoir scenery will make a stunning blockbuster. With the lush mountains and lucid water, accompanied by birds and flowers, people instantly forget the hustle and bustle of the city and indulge in the refreshing nature. 

Among them, the scenery of the Changjiang Reservoir is the most popular. It is a favorite spot for photographers and the place where wild campers aspire to be. It is located in the middle of Zhongshan, surrounded by the Wuguishan Mountain. Going to the deep part, you will see a picture of "a valley within a valley, and a lake within a lake". A scene of thriving vitality is reflected in the lake water, and that's why it earns the reputation of "endless beautiful mountain scenery". It is not only a million-dollar view for Zhongshan people but also the natural wealth of Zhongshan city.

For the Jinzhong Reservoir (also known as Jinzhong Lake Park, 金钟湖公园), the most beautiful time is autumn. Strolling along the greenway, a sea of pink flowers may suddenly catch your eyes, as if the colorful clouds are as delicate as a misty fairyland in a dream.


There are many natural gullies and ravines between the rolling peaks of the Wuguishan Mountain. There is a stream valley on the side of the Tianxin Bridge next to the Tianxin Park. You can trace the stream all the way upstream, climb over the steep and dangerous mountains, and climb the jagged and tumbling boulders. Get together with three or five friends and trek all the way up the mountain, embark on an exciting adventure, and the most beautiful scenery is also on the way. If you are tired, you can lie down in the meadow at a gentle place to rest or play in the water. Walking on the road to the destination of the Tianxin Reservoir, the laughter along the way will make you recall the memories.

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