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Tour around Zhongshan Museum

The new Zhongshan Museum will be open to the public free of charge soon. Let's take a look at other must-visit scenic spots near thenew Museum.

First Stop: Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, located in the central part of the city, is one of the popular attractions along the Shiqi section of Qi'ao Ancient Road.


The memorial hall was named "Ren Shan Yu Yu" (仁山玉宇) in 1985, as it lies on a monticule that was originally called "Ren Shan" (仁山), implying Dr Sun Yat-sen's kind-heartedness and compassion for the people, and "Yu Yu" (玉宇) depicts the magnificent buildings in the memorial hall, symbolizing Dr Sun Yat-sen's noble personal quality and great revolutionary spirit.


In front of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, there is the City Origin for Zhongshan's geographical mapping. It is used to mark the straight-line distance from Zhongshan to other major cities in China and even the world.


Second Stop: Xishan Temple

Facing Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and walking to the left, you will find Xishan Temple standing on a hill.


Xishan Temple stands on Shiqi District's Xishan Mountain (also known as Wufeng Mountain or Diyi Mountain). Xishan Temple was built during the Jiajing Period of the Ming Dynasty, and it was originally the study area for Mao Kezhen, a local sage in the Ming Dynasty. Later, Xishan Temple was converted into a temple, with a history of over 400 years.


Xishan Temple is a must-visit destination during the Spring Festival of Zhongshan people who want to pray for good fortune.

Third Stop: Former site of Zhongshan Workers' Cultural Palace

Facing Xishan Temple and walking to its left, you will pass a traditional building with carved beams and painted rafters. The former site of the Zhongshan Workers' Cultural Palace is a two-story building full of Chinese classical beauty.


Fourth Stop: Sunwen West Road Cultural Tourism Pedestrian Street

This year, Sunwen West Road Cultural Tourism Pedestrian Street has been upgraded to a national 3A scenic spot. As an important part of the Sun Yat-sen Cultural Heritage Tourist Route, it includes many historical sites related to Dr Sun Yat-sen.



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