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Report on the Work of the Government (Abstract)

At the first Session of the 15th Zhongshan Municipal People Congress on January 11, 2017

Reporter: Mayor of Zhongshan Municipal Government  Jiao Lansheng

The first part: the review of the work in the past five years

The past five years have witnessed a growing economic strength. In 2016, its GDP reached 320.28 billion yuan, an increase of more than 100 billion yuan over 2011, and an increase of 9.1% per year. The per capita GDP reached 99.5 thousand yuan, 1.4 times higher than that of 2011, topping Pearl River Delta. The value added of the industry reached 160.62 billion yuan, and value added of the service sector reached 145.73 billion yuan, 1.4 times and 1.6 times higher than that of 2011 respectively. The increase of private economy made up 52.9% of the GDP, up by 6.9 percentage points over 2011. The fixed asset investment was 160.62 billion yuan, and has accumulated to nearly 500 billion yuan in the past five years. The total retail sales volume of social consumer goods reached 120.58 billion yuan, 1.6 times higher than that of 2011 and an increase of 10.5% per year. Imports and exports reached 223.77 billion yuan, up by 1.3%. The general public budget income hit 29.5 billion yuan, 1.6 times higher than that of 2011, and an increase of 9.9% per year. The urbanization rate increased to 88.15%.

The past five years have witnessed a deepening structural adjustment. Cuiheng New District has become the provincial strategic development platform. The ratio of the three industries has been adapted from 2.7: 55.8: 41.5 in 2011 to 2.2: 52.3: 45.5. There has emerged a clearer trend of high-end oriented and intelligentized industry. In the past five years, the proportions of value added of the advanced manufacturing industry and high-tech manufacturing industry out of that of the scale industrial enterprises have respectively increased by 8.3% and 6%. The service sector has played a more important supporting role. In the past five years, the proportion of value added of the service sector out of GDP has increased by 4%. Modern service sector has made up 61.1% of the added value of service sector. Export goods have become more competitive. Mechanical and electrical exports have made up 70.7% of the total, and proportion of the general trade exports out of the total has increased by 10% in the past five years.

The past five years have witnessed a steady increase of innovation capability. It has become the advanced city of the assessment of scientific and technological progress and the demonstration city of national intellectual property. In 2015, it ranked 4th in Guangdong Province in the assessment of innovation-driven development. We have pushed ahead with the construction of national independent innovation demonstration zone in Pearl River Delta. One Park & Multi-Zone Mode of Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone has been started. Zhongde (Zhongshan) biomedicine industrial park has become the major Sino-German cooperation park. The number of high-tech enterprises has increased from 236 in 2011 to 884, the growth rates in the past two years ranking respectively the first and the second in Guangdong Province. The number of scientific and technological incubators has increased to 48, 15 of which are of national and provincial levels.

The past five years have witnessed an improvement in ecological environment. It has become the national eco-city. We have invested overall 51.3 billion yuan in greening, and have built 25 forest parks and wetland parks such as Dajianshan forest park. We have completed and upgraded the road greening of more than 1100 kilometers. The forest coverage rate of the whole city has reached 23.06%. We have built 12 Guangdong famous villages and 247 eco-demonstration villages. We have realized the full coverage of building beautiful villages. Air quality has been remaining at the forefront of the country.

The past five years have witnessed a gradual increase in livelihood expenditure year by year, the average livelihood expenditure making up nearly 70% of the fiscal expenditure. We have accomplished annual Top 10 livelihood projects. In 2015, residents’ average disposal income reached 35,712 yuan, 1.5 times higher than that in 2011. Social security system has been gradually improved. There have been over 10 million person-time urban employees purchasing social insurance. Basic pension payments for enterprises’ staff have increased by 2,494 yuan per month. Subsistence allowances standard and low income standard have grown respectively to 629 and 943 yuan. Medical assistance has covered all the residents against severe and catastrophic diseases. In the past five years, we have invested overall 13.1 billion yuan in building 12.6 thousand low-income houses and renovating 2846 shanty towns. We have allocated rental subsidies to 2641 households. We have earmarked overall 46.25 billion yuan for education in the past five years. The percentage of beneficial and public welfare kindergartens has risen to 79.4%. It has been conferred as the National City of Balanced Development of Compulsory Education and the Provincial Advanced City for Advancing Education Modernization. In 2016, the percentage of students enrolled into ordinary universities and key universities as well as the overall enrolment rate of the Gaokao topped Guangdong province. In 2016, it was honored as the National Health City successively and 18 national health towns were built. The average life expectancy has been raised to 79.43 years old.

The past five years have witnessed steady progress of social development. It has been awarded National Civilized City in a row. Sun Yet-sen hometown tourist area has become the national 5A-grade scenic spot. We have successfully held commemorative activities of the 150th anniversary of Sun Yet-sen’s birthday. We have hosted two Cross-strait Zhongshan Forums. It has been successively conferred as the National Excellence City of innovative social governance. The “point system” has got National Local Government Innovation Awards. Nearly 82,000 migrant workers and their children have been entitled to the “point system” for residential registration, education and living in public rental houses. We have implemented “public security” project and it has been awarded National Excellent Prefecture-level City of The Integrated Governance in Social Security five years in a row, and has been ranked “excellent” in the provincial assessment of firefighting in a consecutive three years. It also has been conferred as National Double-support Model City two years in a row. Its work on the foreign affairs and overseas Chinese affairs has got “Outstanding Contribution Award for The Service for Domestic Development” from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The second part: the plan for the work in 2017

Major targets for economic and social development in 2017:

-- GDP growth of more than 8%;

-- Fixed asset investment increase of 13%;

-- Total retail sales volume of social consumer goods increase of 10%;

-- Total imports and exports growth of 1%

The following work will be completed in 2017

1. Achieving a stable performance while securing economic progress

Giving high priority to maintaining a steady economic growth and striking the balance between stable growth, structural adjustment and advantage shaping. We will take active methods to cope with downward pressure on the economy and enable its economy to maintain a medium-high rate of growth.

Building major industrial platforms. We insist that major development is driven by major platforms. We will coordinate the resources of the whole city and build major industrial platforms in different clusters through optimizing and upgrading 44 municipal industrial parks. High priority will be given to the development of some major industrial platforms, such as high-tech industrial platforms(Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone & Cuiheng New District), advanced manufacturing platforms(Minzong & Sanjiao), intelligent manufacturing equipment industry (Banfu), sophisticated manufacturing platforms (Tanzhou), modern logistics development platforms(Huangpu), traditional industrial transformation and upgrading platforms(Xiaolan, Guzhen), and etc.

Making efforts to revitalize the real economy. We will develop advanced, high-quality, and high-tech manufacturing industry, and build an intelligent manufacturing city. We will encourage social capital to flow into the industries such as advanced equipment industry, electronic information industry, bio-medical industry, new energy industry, new material industry, household appliance industry, hardware industry, smart home industry, and etc. We will take part in the construction of advanced equipment manufacturing belt in the west bank of Pearl River Delta, and give priority to the development of “Three-have” machine tools manufacturing industry(Three-have refers to having independent intellectual property, having key technology and having bright market prospect). We will fasten to get projects such as Unmanned Equipment Industrial Base of Harbin Institute of Technology, Power train for new-energy vehicles of Broad-ocean Motor Company and Battery Module of hydrogen energy, Wind Power of Mingyang Group and the third generation of CIGS of SMEE Co. Ltd, and etc, off the ground. We will help traditional industries to raise quality and establish brands, and facilitate intelligent manufacturing project. We will speed up to build the public service platform of intelligent manufacturing, and intelligentize traditional competitive industries such as lighting, clothing and red wood industries.

Increasing efficient investment. We will give priority to the investment in major fields and considerably increase investment in the infrastructure. We will accelerate the construction of basic infrastructures such as railway and high-speed transportation network, information network, environmental water conservancy, municipal energy, and etc. We will encourage social capital to flow into the basic infrastructure driven by government investment. We will lay stress on the construction of 160 major municipal projects worthy of an overall investment of 36.54 billion yuan, and make an annual investment of 48 billion yuan in municipal major projects.

Exploiting consumption potential. We will continue to launch beneficial promotional campaigns in major festivals. We will work to build a refined and high quality residential service industry. We will cultivate and develop emerging consumption hotspots, such as information consumption, cultural education, physical exercise, yacht tourism, and etc. We will promote Zhongshan products nationwide. We will support that e-commerce develops hand in hand with logistics and express. We will work to run series of activities, such as Guzhen International Lighting Fair, Gangkou Game Expo, Torch Hi-tech Development Zone Equipment Expo, and etc.

Expanding foreign trade in a steady way. We will strengthen the support to export credit and insurance, guide the enterprises to foster export brands and establish overseas marketing network, esp. the countries participating in the “Belt and Road” initiative in ASEAN, Middle East, Africa, and the emerging markets. We will give more support to exports.

Transforming the mode of agricultural development. We will base on the construction of the modern agriculture cooperation demonstration zone across mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, build agricultural demonstration parks. We will fasten the construction of agricultural demonstration bases, and promote the in-depth integration between the Internet and modern agriculture. We will establish some agricultural parks and complexes, and integrate agriculture with ecological leisure tourism. We will reform the three subsidies in agriculture and put forward the standardized agricultural production.

2. Implementing innovation-driven development and uplifting quality and benefits of economic development

Supporting the cooperation between Cuiheng New District, China Academy of Science and Harbin University of Technology, and promoting the transfer of the sci-tech achievements. We will build new-type industrial clusters featuring health technology, optical imaging, optoelectronic information, elevate the attraction of Torch High-tech Development Zone and Cuiheng New District in industrial clustering, and strengthen the exchange with the free-trade zones in neighboring cities.

Enlarging the new functions. We will develop the economy boasting new technology, new industry, new normal, and new business mode and explore new economic growth points. We will support the development of the industries such as advanced equipment manufacturing, health technology, cultural tourism, etc., and fasten the construction of Germany-China (Zhongshan) Biomedicine Industrial Park, China-Europe (Switzerland) Industrial Park. We will carry out the program of Internet Plus and Mass Date, promote the application of Internet Plus in economic, social and livelihood development, and improve the construction of Zhongshan Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park and quantong Data Incubator. We will foster the development of e-commerce services and build an e-commerce cluster.

Enlarging the new functions. We will develop the economy boasting new technology, new industry, new normal, and new business mode and explore new economic growth points. We will support the development of the industries such as advanced equipment manufacturing, health technology, cultural tourism, etc., and fasten the construction of Germany-China (Zhongshan) Biomedicine Industrial Park, China-Europe (Switzerland) Industrial Park. We will carry out the program of Internet Plus and Mass Date, promote the application of Internet Plus in economic, social and livelihood development, and improve the construction of Zhongshan Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park and quantong Data Incubator. We will foster the development of e-commerce services and build an e-commerce cluster.

Encouraging the integration between sci-tech and finance. With the guidance of fiscal capital, the sci-tech and finance ecological circle embracing banks, insurance companies, venture capital and entrepreneur capitals, we will encourage the establishment of angels’ foundation and transfer the transfer from sci-tech achievements to foundations.

Implementing a more open talents policy. Optimizing talents introduction policy will put forward more attractive measures, give display to the leading role of enterprises, and found a high-end carrier and platform, and attract top-notch talents and innovative projects. We will increase the support to the innovative team and team leaders, and raise more practical talents.

3. Fastening construction and building a livable city

Implementing group development strategy. According to space layout and industrial features, we will develop a one-center and four-group layout. We will enhance the functions and supporting facilities, and emphasize differentiated group development. We will optimize resources distribution, and establish the governance system in accordance with the group development. We will focus on the one center and give priority to the central city development. We will enhance the communication between the central city and the groups in the east, northeast, northwest, and south, and build a rapid road net. We will promote the docking and cooperation between the groups and the neighboring cities.

Fastening the construction of rail transit. We will actively cooperate in the construction of Zhongshan section of Shenzhen-Maoming Railway and Nansha Port Railway, plan the inter-city rail from Guangzhou to Zhongshan, and commence the construction of rail transit line No. 1. We will speed up the connection to China high-speed railway lines, and provide passenger services to all the long-distance cross-line CRH starting from Zhuhai. Based on the existing stations, we will build a comprehensive rail transportation hub. We will speed up the construction of expressway, such as Zhongshan-kaiping Expressway and Xiaolan branch line, Nansha-Zhongshan Expressway, outer ring expressway in the east, outer ring expressway in the west. We will cooperate in the construction of Shenzhen-Zhongshan Passageway, Guangzhou-Zhongshan-Jiangmen Expressway, and Xianghai Expressway, so as to build a expressway net linking the city. We will promote the reconstruction of arterial highway and municipal roads, move the ferry terminal of Zhongshan Port, and plan the seabus shuttle to Shenzhen Airport and Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone.

Building special towns. We will build special towns into a new carrier of industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote the organic integration of the industry, city, inhabitants and local culture. Following the model of industry-town integration, we will build some special towns such as Guzhen lighting town. We will encourage tourism in Zhongshan, better the service quality, strive for a national tourism demonstration zone, and improve the tourism in the former residence of Dr. Sun Yat-sen.

4. Deepening the reform and opening up, and invigorating economic and social development

Yielding dividends from its reform and creating development space through its opening up. We will stick to the major reform and continuously deepen the opening up. We will make efforts to build an congenial business environment featuring maketization, legalization and internationalization.

Pushing ahead with “Credit Zhongshan”. We will work to build the social credit system, namely “Government+ Enterprises+ Major groups”. We will press ahead with the construction of administrative credibility, implement the publicity system of administrative licensing and punishment credit information.

Furthering the opening up at high-level. We will take part in the “One belt One Road” plan of action. We will replicate and promote the policy of Free Trade Zone. We will work to make the bonded logistics center become the integrated bonded zone. We will carry out the functions of the further opening-up of ports and the free voyage of yachts. We will press ahead with the development of industries such as offshore manufacturing industry, ship maintenance industry, yachts industry, and etc. We will conform to the national policy of relaxing restrictions on foreign investments. We will implement the Guangdong-Hong Kong, Guangdong-Macau Cooperation Framework Agreement, and take part in the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.

5. Protecting ecological environment and building a green development pattern.
Sticking to the philosophy of green development, and improving our eco-environment. We will keep our environmental advantages and promote harmonious development between man and nature. We will work to make the sky blue, the city green, and the water clean.
Creating more green spaces. We will work to build a national forest city. We will make efforts to establish Wuguishan National Nature Reserve, Jinzhong Lake National Forest Park and Cuiheng New District National Wetland Park, and work to build provincial wetland parks such as Yakou Wetland Park in Nanlang and Jindouwan Wetland Park in Tanzhou.
Strengthening environmental protection and governance. We will build the National Demonstration City of Eco-civilization. We will start the ecological rehabilitation and heal the city’s natural ecology.
Forging ahead with energy saving, emission and carbon reduction. We will develop energy-saving and environmental-friendly industries, promote the application of energy-saving technology, improve motors’ energy efficiency and support the cleaner production of enterprises.

6. Promoting social development and building a harmonious Zhongshan featuring good governance.
Sticking to the governance by law and co-governance. In light of the principles of “every one getting involved, trying his best, and sharing the fruits”, we will increase the supply of public products and services, maintain social justice, and promote social harmony and development.
7. Guaranteeing and improving people’s livelihood, and uplifting people’s happiness index.
Improving social security system. We will earmark 846 million yuan for social security such as medical security and living security. We will make progress in the work of charity and Red Cross.
Providing better education. We will develop beneficial and public welfare kindergartens and increase the number of degrees in standardized kindergartens. We will push ahead with the construction of public schools. We will build, renovate and extend 33 public schools.
Accelerating to build a healthy Zhongshan. We will deepen the reform of public hospitals. We will deepen the coordinated reform of medical services, health insurance, and the medicine industry. We will make greater efforts to cultivate and bring in medical talents. We will foster a love of exercising in our people. We will build 4 sports parks in light of cluster layout and renovate old sports facilities, so as to fasten the development of the sports industry.
Completing Top 10 livelihood projects. They are: optimizing traffic management, building the demonstration city of food safety, cracking down on and preventing theft, robbery and cheating, promoting public transportation services, eliminating black and odorous water, strengthening construction management, optimizing government affairs services, improving children’s recreation facilities, improving social security services, and promoting public security services convenient for all.
8. Strengthening the all-round improvement of government and building a law-based, efficient and clean government.??
Making an all-round effort to press ahead with law-based administration and pushing ahead with government transparency. We insist that transparency be the normal and confidentiality be the exception. We will forge ahead with “five releases”, including releasing decision-makings, enforcement, management, services and outcomes. We will make all-round progress to improve the Party’s style of work. We will corroborate the ideal and belief. We will strictly adhere to political disciplines and rules. We will raise the consciousness of serving the grassroots, enterprises and the public. We will constantly improve the quality of government services.
The third part: the outlook for the next five years
In the following five years, with the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay area and national self-dependent innovation demonstration area in Pear River Delta, the preferential location of Zhongshan will be highlighted. According to the 13th Five-year Plan of Guangdong Province, Zhongshan will be built into the world-class modern equipment manufacturing base, the comprehensive transportation hub in the West Bank of Pearl River, the regional R&D center of sci-tech innovation, and the livable city in PRD area. By 2020, we will strive for an annual GDP growth rate of 8.5%, with advanced manufacturing occupying 50% of the added value of manufacturing industry, and R&D budgets accounting for 2.9% of the regional GDP.



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