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Report on the Work of the Government 2015(Abstract)

At the 5th Session of the 14th Zhongshan Municipal People’s Congress on February 3, 2015

Fellow Deputies:

On behalf of the Municipal People’s Government, I now report to you on the work of the government for your deliberation and approval, and I invite comments on my report from the members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and other members present.

A Review of the Work in 2014

In 2014, the Municipal Government has accomplished the main target set in the 4th session of the 14th Zhongshan Municipal People’s Congress.
1. Zhongshan has maintained a steady progress in its economic development.

In 2014, its GDP reached 282.3 billion yuan, an increase of 8% over the previous year and the growth rate increased season by season. The per capita GDP reached 89,000 yuan, an increase of 7.1%. The profits of scale industrial enterprises have increased by 131.24 billion yuan, an increase of 10%. The service sector has increased by 119.22 billion yuan, an increase of 7.8%. The public budget revenue income was 25.16 billion yuan, an increase of 11.6%. The fixed asset investment was 90.37 billion yuan, an increase of 15%. The total retail sales of social consumer goods were 98.18 billion yuan, up by 10%. Export totaled 27.88 billion US dollars, an increase of 5.3%. The actual allocation of foreign capital was 680 million US dollars, an increase of 5.3%.

2. The quality of economy has been rising steadily.

The ratio of the three industries has been adapted to 2.5: 55.3: 42.2. The ratio of the light and heavy industry was 54.8:45.2. The productivity of above-scale industrial enterprises has increased by 11.5%. The number of above-scale enterprises has increased by 629, with 377 new. The number of enterprises with sales revenue of over 10 billion yuan has increased to 9; and the number of enterprises with sales revenue of 1 billion yuan has exceeded 100. And there were 2 industrial clusters with sales revenue of 100 billion yuan. General trade made up 45.6% of the export, a new high. The added value of modern service industry constituted 61.5 percent of that of the service industry. The amount of offshore outsourcing increased by 179.1%, which topped Guangdong province. The added value in the financial sector grew by 10%. The number of companies listed at home and abroad has increased to 27. The financial supermarkets and service-platforms have been established in specialized towns. The policy of “Guaranteed loan” stimulated 1.66-billion-yuan loan to financial institutions. The pilot project of industrial transformation and upgrading in the specialized town of Dachong has begun to take effect. The government initiated the construction of 4 industrial platforms and successfully set up 6 modern agricultural demonstration parks. The fund for R&D accounts for 2.4% of GDP and the number of invention patent licensing grows by 8.8%. Investments for industrial technological upgrading increased by 66.1%. The evaluation of emission reduction of the major pollutants was graded as “Excellent”. The evaluation of integrated prevention and control on heavy metal pollution as well as the evaluation of the responsibility on environmental protection rank the second in Guangdong province.

3.Reform and opening up has been accelerated.

Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Cuiheng New District, Xiaolan and Sanxiang Town have been given with greater authority. We deepened the reform in administrative examination and approval system of investment project, vastly reducing the time limit. The municipal administrative service center has been put into use and the comprehensive service hall in administrative villages has realized the full coverage. We integrated and optimized the 12345 service platform and have completed the construction of Zhongshan Branch of Guangdong Provincial Online Service. We took the lead in Guangdong in building up the integrated system of social credit and financial service. The further opening up of Zhongshan Port got the approval of the State Council and the Shenwan Port won the approval of set up the first opening up the yacht wharf in China. The Cross-strait Zhongshan Forum is going to be held in Zhongshan.

4. The management of urban construction has been continuously strengthened.

The construction of infrastructure in Cuiheng New District has been accelerated to build an all-round demonstration zone in Guangdong-Macau cooperation and also a base for cross-strait communication. Shenzhen-Zhongshan Passage has applied for NDRC’s approval. Scheme A3 we strove for has passed the expert panel examination organized by NDRC. The whole line of the overpass bridge National Highway 105 has been open to traffic. The second-phase of Guangzhou-Zhuhai Central Line and the Fourth Vertical Line Project have been implemented smoothly. The construction of Shalang-Zhongshan Port Road has been started and 19 major cul-de-sacs were basically smoothed. 129 rural roads were hardened. The renovation of unsafe bridges has almost completed. 1.6 billion yuan was put into the construction of 1,267 Beautiful Village projects. The rural environment was improved. The main part of the rainwater and sewage diversion project in the core area of downtown was completed. Eight forest parks and wetland parks including Beitai, Jingzhongshan, have been built. The reconstruction of Zimaling Park and Rainbow Oasis Park was started. The number of days with good air quality reached a new high in recent years.

5. The living standard in urban and rural areas has been continuously improved.

Top 10 livelihood projects has been completed. Zhongshan was selected as the “National Livelihood Model City” in Per capita disposal income was estimated to be 3,2847 yuan, an increase of 8.6%. 56 thousand jobs were added in the central city and towns. The registered unemployment rate in the central city and towns was 2.26%. The evaluation of the skills training and labor transfer of the rural workforce ranked the second in Guangdong Province. There were 9.191 million person-time urban and rural residents purchasing social insurance. The standard of pension allowance was improved prominently. Health insurance system for severe diseases and catastrophic medical assistance system for poor residents were fully implemented. The materialization of community health service center has achieved initial result. Par medicine was promoted in grassroots medical institutions. The minimum standard allowance was increased to 533 yuan, and a total of 44.23 million yuan has been earmarked; the residents entitled to the allowance are covered.

1,584 low-income houses were built. 4,000 migrant workers were eligible to get household registration upon their scores reaching a certain standard. 12,000 migrant children were eligible to enroll for public schools. 34,000 free transportation cards were released to senior citizens, and 8 elderly nursing centers were built. Zhongshan became the third advanced city that promoted the modernization of education in Guangdong Province. The undergraduate admission rate ranked the first in Guangdong Province. 53 community sports’ parks and 40 fitness spots in natural villages were built. The first BRT demonstration line was open to traffic. 6000 public bicycles were newly added.

6. Social integrated governance has been constantly innovated.

The management of the integrating system got the National Local Government Innovation Awards. 673 migrant workers were engaged as special members of village or neighborhood committees. 40 alien chamber of commerce co-founded New Zhongshan People Service Center. Zhongshan was successfully selected as one of the national demonstration zone of social work service, and became the national pilot city of grassroots’ comprehensive cultural service center. 286 community comprehensive service halls were built. The community construction “2+8+N” Mode was selected as one of the best national innovative social governance case. We also made new achievements in safe manufacturing, emergency management, foreign affairs, Hong Kong and Macau affairs, Taiwan affairs, nationality and religion, statistic, audit, national defense construction, women and children, the disabled, Red Cross, meteorology, civil air-defense, archive, chorography, etc.

The Plan for Work in 2015

The general requirements for the government’s works in 2015 are: vigorously advancing the construction of new-type specialized town; improving the quality and efficiency of economic development; adhering to the structural adjustment and pushing industrial transformation and upgrading; tackling tough problems of reform head on; releasing dividend of the preferential policies; furthering Smart Development and constructing the boutique city; insisting on coordinating the resources; improving the structure of economic growth; insisting on exercising governance by law; ensuring fair and justice; achieving harmony and good governance to secure and improve living standard.

Now we stand at a new historical starting point. All things should be earnestly implemented by adhering to the principle of seeking progress while keeping pragmatic performance to open a new chapter in building Zhongshan into a more beautiful city suitable for living, innovation and entrepreneurship.

We have set the main targets for Zhongshan’s economic and social development this year as follows:

 Increasing the GDP by approximately 8.5%

 Increasing the fixed asset investment by 15.5%;

 Increasing total retail sales of social consumer goods by 9.5%

 Increasing the total value of export by 4%;

 Increasing the public budget revenue income by more than 10%;

 Ensuring that personal incomes increase basically in step with economic development;

 Keeping the increase in the CPI at around 3%;

 Ensuring that the registered employment rate in the central city and towns does not exceed 3.5%;

 Keeping the natural population growth rate under 8‰;

 Accomplishing the annual provincial plan of the obligatory target in emission Reduction.

To achieve the targets mentioned above, we need to concentrate on the following works:

I. Stabilizing growth and sustaining the potential; strengthening the basis of economic development.

We will hold the foundation and stabilize the growth to create space and conditions for transforming and restructuring, coordinating domestic and foreign markets. We will introduce quality foreign investments while going out in stride, expanding domestic demand while stabilizing external demand. We will ensure the fundamental function of consuming, pivotal role of investment and the supporting role of exporting, implement more proactive fiscal policy, and ensure that the economy performs within an appropriate range.

We will develop the real economy vigorously, promoting new-type industrialization and build up a city with strong and good real economy. We will foster and develop the emerging industrial clusters and aid the growth of the emerging industries such as medical health, new energy, yacht, etc. We will actively participate in the construction of the advanced equipment manufacturing industrial belt in the West Bank of Pearl River, attract projects of high-end equipments, foster key enterprises, promote the demo-applications of a batch of products, support many key technical innovations, and construct industrial development carriers. We will prioritize the development of some equipment manufacturing industries such as intelligent manufacturing equipments, marine engineering equipments, photoelectric device, etc. We will develop productive service industries such as software and information service, R&B design, verification, testing and certification, transformation of scientific and technical achievements, etc, guiding the construction of modern agricultural demonstration park, and reconstructing modern agricultural industry ecology.

We will ensure that investment plays a positive driving role, advancing the construction of key projects and planning for 113 municipal key projects. The annual planned investment will hit 37.69 billion yuan. We will implement targeted investment and professional investment, highlight the promotion of city image, and introduce some key links and major projects of industrial chains.

We will actively expand the consumption demand, establishing a sound mechanism of regular pay rise for workers and the collective salary negotiation system to improve people’s consumption capacity. We will widen the way of raising farmers’ income, stimulate the potential of consumption, foster new growth point of consumption, and expand new-type consumption models such as information, elderly care, health, culture, sports, etc. We will moderately develop high-end consumption, promote the construction of provincial demonstration city of comprehensive reform in tourism, strengthen the planning and coordination of tourism, integrate tourism resources, foster new models and new products of tourism, expand comprehensive consumption of tourism, and expand the cooperative area of inbound and outbound tourism. We will strengthen the planning of commercial networks, encourage chain enterprises to set up branches in communities, coordinate the construction of urban complex, large-scale business plaza and commercial center in towns.

We will improve the level of opening up, endeavoring to pass the inspection of the expansion of Zhongshan Port and Shenwan Port this year, and open the Huangpu Port. We will speed up the development of marine economy, strengthen the cooperation with Hong Kong and Macau, and realize free voyage of yacht between Zhongshan and Macau. We will deepen the reform of customs procedure, advance the integration of E-port system and regional customs procedure, work proactively to apply for the pilot city of cross-border electronic commerce and push to advance the construction of e-commerce park of cross-border trade in Zhongshan. We will support comprehensive foreign trade service enterprises, develop new mode of foreign trade such as tourism shopping and market purchasing, set up a supervision zone for purchasing export commodities from market, and develop service trade. We will actively participate in the construction of “One Belt, One Road”, extend business in emerging oversea markets such as ASEAN, Middle East, and Latin America, and encourage enterprises to develop globally.

II. Accelerating transformation and upgrading and invigorating the economic internal impetus

We will intensify efforts to advance the construction of the strategic platform, promoting the development of new-type specialized towns and implementing the eight innovation projects; speeding up the construction of Cuiheng New District; promoting important infrastructure construction such as Zhongshan Port’s shift to the east as well as the road networks and bridges in Cuiheng New District, and making the Cuiheng Express open to traffic within this year. We will start the construction of the new Technological and Financial Center in Cuiheng New District, build a high-level demonstration site for comprehensive cooperation between Guangdong and Hong Kong and a Cross-Strait Exchange Base, and advance the progress of a number of high-quality projects.

We will strengthen technological innovation and technical transformation. With innovation-driven development as the starting point, we will build an innovation ecosystem with congregated, intensive urban innovation space and collaboration between technologies and industrial innovation. We will support enterprises in upgrading facilities, drive the construction of “Machine Replacing People” and “Intelligent Workshop”, optimize the investment pattern of financial and technological funds, and explore the issue of shares in technological innovation. We will set up a special investment fund for municipal important technology projects, deepen the industry-university-research cooperation, promote the establishment of the research institute for industrial development, and enhance the allied services functions of the city’s Productivity Promotion Center. We will build high-level innovative platforms such as national key laboratories, develop research and development centers for medium and large-sized enterprises and a high-tech business incubator, and encourage various kinds of new-type research and development institutions.

At the same time, we will nurture and develop new-type business models. We will make greater efforts to support the development of E-commerce, carrying out the E-commerce development program, pushing the development of burgeoning business models of E-commerce, and helping to build an E-commerce Park as well as E-commerce platforms for specialized markets and communities. We will establish a national Business Entrepreneur Park for returned students, introduce high-level talents to innovate and carve out in the Park, give support to innovative R&D teams, and implement the project of cultivating new-type entrepreneurs. And we will hold Top Talents Fair and High-level Talents Association in Zhongshan, and create a good environment for personnel selection and employment.

III. Optimizing development space and promoting urban capacity expansion and quality improvement

With urban capacity expansion and quality improvement as the strategic direction of urban upgrading, we will boldly plan the urban development. We will, on the basis of principles of city-industry integration and people-oriented wisdom, increase urban carrying capacity, and in accordance with requirements of careful planning, excellent construction and elaborate management, we will create an excellent modern city with flourishing economy, perfect function, beautiful environment, prominent features and rich culture.

We will accelerate the new-type urbanization. We will carry out the strategy of strengthening the center and optimizing sub-centers, improve the urban area’s agglomeration ability, and intensify the infrastructure construction of sub-centers such as Xiaolan and Sanxiang. Focusing on stations in integrated transportation hubs, we will pursue a transit-oriented development mode. We will develop a smart city, promote the establishment of cloud platforms for E-government and Beidou and the progress of community digitization, and set up an information platform for community management as well as a basic data base. And we will make Zhongshan a humanist city, accelerate efforts to revive the blocks featuring Lingnan Culture, and strengthen the protection and utilization of ancient blocks.

We will give weight to the construction of traffic network. We will prioritize traffic, take an active part in the preparatory work of Shenzhen-Zhongshan Passage, which will be under construction based on Scheme A3 within this year, and accelerate efforts to promote the docking of matched road networks. We will strive to bring the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Mass Rapid Transit into line with the program of the Pearl River Delta’s intercity rail transit network, start the construction of Shenzhen-Maoming Railway’s section (Shenzhen to Jiangmen part) as soon as possible, advance the preparatory work of urban rail transit, and build a BRT System in Zhongshan. More efforts will be intensified to upgrade the road networks in the central city area; more bus stations will be built; and non-motorized traffic systems of bicycles and pedestrians will be improved. We will also launch the construction program of rural roads and advance the second-phase project of the hardening of main rural roads.

We will strengthen the urban guarantee. And we will enhance the dispatch and reserve for energy supply, speed up the projects of cogeneration and natural gas pipelines networks, improve networks of communication and power supply, and launch pilot projects of “Broadband China” during urban construction.

IV. Enhancing the ecological construction and building a more livable and beautiful zhongshan

We will stick to the development principle of low-carbon life, make improvement in pollution control, environment improvement and ecological restoration, create more green fortunes, and protect this beautiful homeland with a clearer sky, greener land and cleaner water.

We will enlarge the green space. We will put into force the construction plan for ecological civilization and step up the establishment of national demonstration sites for ecological civilization. We will introduce a development mode with low impact, enhance development and management of urban green lands, mountains, rivers and shorelines, carry out the project of ecological restoration, promote the project of “Forest City”, and build an urban scenic forest belt, a protection forest around the city and a number of parks. We will support towns along Qijiang River in building a Waterfront Corridor, drive the construction of beautiful villages, and channel greater efforts into improving rural living environment.

At the same time, we will enhance environmental protection and improvement. We will make greater efforts to improve inner-rivers, eliminate five classes of inferior inner-river waters in the central city area one by one and enhance the evaluation of the utilization efficiency of resources and energies.

V. Improving and ensuring people’s well-being and increasing people’s happiness

We will persistently give priority to the people at large, firmly bear in mind the idea that development relies on the people and for the people, lay more emphasis on people’s needs and the protection of people’s basic livelihood and try hard to make people lead a happier and more decent life.

We will build a social security system characterized by universal benefits and government support. 940 million yuan will be allocated by Zhongshan Bureau of Finance to invest in social security such as people’s lives, housing and medical treatment. We will improve systems for pension, childbearing and work-related injury insurance and enlarge the coverage of medical insurance on specific diseases. In addition, we will implement the project of stimulating employment by encouraging business start-ups and help target groups such as college graduates to find jobs or start their own businesses. We will improve the social assistance system, raise the standard of minimum subsistence allowances, advance the renovation of dilapidated houses of low-income families or those living on subsistence allowances, and we will work in a major push to reform and develop programs of charity, the disabled and the Red Cross.

We will ensure that education can satisfy the people. We will carry out the Second-phase Three-year Action Plan for Preschool Education, increase 2000 degrees in normalized kindergartens and promote the standardization of schools for and balanced development of compulsory education. We will drive the intensive development of general high schools, increase the proportion of target students in high-quality general high schools, and explore new modes of family education so as to promote children’s healthy development. We will make renovations in the school-running modes of public vocational schools, deepen the industry-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation of vocational education, and develop a new system for social capital-oriented school-running mode as well as federation of colleges and polytechnics. And we will transform and upgrade special schools, drive privately-run education to develop with standards and characteristics, and push Guangdong Province and Zhongshan City to work together to set up an allied cultivation base for postgraduates.

We will provide better medical and health care services. At the same time, we will improve the functional and operating systems for health services centers among communities, expand the pilot project of the family doctor service and Medicine CIS, improve systems for grassroots first-treatment and two-way referral, and encourage doctors to practice more.

We will strengthen and make innovations in social management. We will improve the social management system featuring universal participation, develop a Zhongshan mode of social management, launch trials for the reform of integrated grid-based management, and explore and establish a system for grid-based management. We will protect and ensure social security, uphold law and order in Zhongshan, redouble efforts to carry out the project of public security, enhance safety in production, and intensify emergency management. We will consistently carry out Universal Moral Cultivation Movement, advance important cultural infrastructure constructions of Zhongshan Memorial Library and No. 139 Cultural Block, etc., promote national trials for comprehensive cultural services centers at a grassroots level, improve the public cultural services system, and appeal for more social capital to be invested in cultural construction. We will get straight Sun Yat-sen Cultural Festival, prepare for the commemoration of the 150th birthday of Sun Yat-sen, establish high-quality cultural brands such as Zhongshan Cup Overseas Chinese Literature Award, and strengthen efforts to protect and inherit cultural heritage. We will also support the development of sports industry, extensively carry out public fitness activities, and build a national Double-support model city.

VI. Making efforts in doing solid work and promoting people’s well-being

In 2015, we will continue to intensify efforts to get ten livelihood projects done well.

1. The Smooth Traffic Project. We will complete 830 projects concerning the building and upgrading of village-level roads, covering about 324.9 kilometers, which will address people’s traffic issue in 167 administrative villages.

2. The Safe Food Project. We will enhance the rapid inspection and filtration of food in the processes of planting, circulating and consuming.

3. The Safe Drinking Water Project. We will transform the tap water pipe networks of 30,000 water users in the urban area, replace gray iron pipes that are subject to rust and galvanized steel pipes with corrosion-resistant polyethylene pipes, increase regular drainage of network water and tap water, and keep the general qualified rate of tap water’s quality at above 99%.

4. The Project of Facilitating People’s Medical Treatment. On the basis of regional information platforms for medical and health care and the real-name system, we will implement the interconnection of test results and treatment information among first-class hospitals such as Zhongshan People’s Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), Bo’ai Hospital of Zhongshan and Xiaolan People’s Hospital of Zhongshan, and we will accomplish multi-channel appointments in first-class hospitals by Wechat, websites and phones to facilitate people’s medical treatment.

5. The Urban “Green Lung” Project. The opening time of Zimaling Park will be lengthened in the evening and Three Forest Parks of Tianxin, Jinzhongshan and Beitai will be open to public. We will finish the building of Rainbow-Oasis Park and Gangkou Wetland Park in the West District, advance the construction of the National Wetland Park in Cuiheng New District and Wumafeng Park, afforest and beautify 40 villages, and improve 167-hectare forest landscapes.

6. The Project of Inner-rivers Clearance and Urban Flood Control. We will, after finishing the main part of the rainwater and sewage diversion project in arterial roads in the central city area, make improvement in the first batch of inner-rivers, with 48 inner-rivers in the main city area—about 300 kilometers in length—improved within this year.

7. The Project of Stimulating Employment by Encouraging Business Start-ups. We will set up 6 more parks or incubation bases for business start-ups and a mentor panel made up of 50 people to give guidance. And we will provide training in the parks for 500 people who want to start their own businesses and education on business start-ups for 15,000 people.

8. The Project of Full Coverage of Home-based Elderly Services Centers. Home-based elderly services centers will be extended to fully cover all towns of Zhongshan and provide services for day care, recreation and sports, recovery and health care, tutorship and training, and meals aid.

9. The Public Fitness Project. 60 new public fitness sites will be built, 15-minute walking fitness circles will be developed in rural and urban areas, gymnasiums of 100 public schools will be open to public and a total of 12 public sports events will be held in every town.

10. The Safe Rental Houses Project. We will carry out the registration system for rental houses and service management with stratification and classification.

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