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Report on the Work of the Government 2014 (Abstract)

By Chen Liangxian, Mayor of Zhongshan Municipal People’s Government at the fourth session of the 14th Zhongshan People’s Congress on February 18, 2014


I am to deliver the report on the work of the government for deliberation on behalf of Zhongshan Municipal People’s Government.

Review of the work in 2013

Zhongshan government took efforts to optimize the economic progress by upgrading and boost people’s sense of happiness by improving their livelihood in 2013, satisfactorily fulfilling the goals and tasks set at the three session of the 14th Zhongshan People’s Congress.

Economic Progress

The GDP in Zhongshan was 263.89 billion yuan, up 13.5% up; per capita GDP was 83.4 thousand yuan, up 9.4%; the industrial added-value was 1.4.42 billion yuan, up 11.6%; the added-value in the service industry was 110.84 billion yuan, up 9%; the public budget revenues was 22.53 billion yuan, up 11.6%; investment in fixed assets was 96.29 billion yuan, up 15.2%; Total retail sales of social consumer goods were 89.06 billion yuan, up 10.4%. the total output value was 26.48 billion US dollars, 7.5%; the paid-in foreign capital was 0.646 billion US dollars. Breakthroughs were made in developing new marketplaces. Zhongshan Forum across the Strait, and Guangdong-Macao Cooperative Conference were held and successful. Zhongshan ranked the third place in the assessment of the performance in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau cooperation.

Rising Quality Profitability in Restructuring and Upgrading

The ratio of three industries adjusted to 2.5: 55.5: 42 while the ratio between light and heavy industries was 54.7:45.3. The profits of above-scale industries grew by 15.8%. Companies in Zhongshan’s large company project were5.7% faster than Zhongshan’s average in terms of output growth. Companies at the ten-billion level increased to eight ones, companies at the one-billion level to 98, industrial clusters at the ten-billion level to nine. About 19 thousand self-employed businesses got upgraded to companies. There added another 2 modern service industrial clusters of provincial level: Zhonghuan Square and Xiaolan Financial Business District. Three demonstrating farms were built according to the national standard, and six more according to the provincial standard. The added value of the second and tertiary industries in per unit land and the average contracted investment rose by 6.35% and 29.7% respectively. The added value of the advanced manufacturing and hi-tech manufacturing constituted 35.4% and 15.7% respectively in the above-scale industries. The proportion of the “entrusted design plus independent brand” model in processing trade grew higher by 10%. General trade and export of machinery grew by 1.9% and 1.8% respectively. The trade volume in the service industry grew by 225%. The financial added value grew by 13% and the number of companies that got listed abroad reached 23. Over 50 thousand badly-needed workers were produced and introduced last year, an increase of 18.6%. The expenditure in research and development made up 2.28% of the GDP. Zhongshan ranked the fifth place in assessment of integrated creativity among prefecture-level cities in China.

Urban-rural Construction towards Coordinated Balance

The mid-term assessment and adjustment of the 12th Five-Year Plan was complete and the plan was made for the main functional area. New Cuiheng District stepped into the stage of solid construction. The infrastructure construction at the starting area was accelerated and promoted. The plan was made for the construction of the major infrastructure during the last three years of the 12th Five-Year Plan. Shenzhen-Zhongshan Passage was reported to the central government; Zhongshan Section of Guangzhou-Zhongshan-Jiangmen Highway was started; the outer ring highway in the east, and Zhongshan Section of Zhongshan-Kaiping Highway and its branch in Xiaolan were included in the Guangdong Highway Plan and Major projects; the middle ring highway was complete and opened to traffic; projects like Guzhen-Shenwan highway, Shishui Line, Cuiheng Express Line, State Road 105 went on well; the multipurpose dock in Huangpu Town was completed and already in use. Among the 19 cut-off roads, 14 had been connected. Seventy dangerous bridges were rebuilt and reinforced. The density of roads reached 128 kilometers per 100 square kilometers.

Environmental Protection Improving during the Ecological Construction

Water administration was strengthened and the task of rain and sewage diversion was completed ahead of time in the urban areas while the tasks were under busy construction in towns. The plan “Purifying the Water in the Southern Guangdong” was launched. Garbage transfer stations cover all the districts and towns. Beautiful Villages was under construction as planned and 1.25 billion yuan was invested in 783 rural projects. With a sum of 3.7 billion yuan investment in the past three years, Green Project was satisfactorily completed. The energy consumption for per 10, 000 GDP dropped by 3.9%, Zhongshan ranked the first and second places respectively in the provincial assessment in terms of the emission reduction of the main pollutants, and environmental protection

Citizens’ Life and Sense of Happiness under Steady Improvement

Of the revenue, 16.33 billion yuan was put in improvement of people’s life, making up 68.8% in the fiscal expenditure. The 10 projects concerning people’s life were completed as promised by the government. The unemployment rate in the urban areas was controlled below 2.3%; about 50 thousand new jobs were created; Zhongshan ranked the top in the evaluation of the performance in training rural workforces and helping them get employed. In communities, 186 employment service stations were built. Ahead of other cities, Entrepreneurship Bases were built for college students. The coverage of social welfare got improved; the minimum living standard rose by 11.6%; dangerous houses of 500 low income families were reinforced. Methods were made to aid those families of poverty with serious diseases. The first-phase construction of New Social Nursing Homes was completed and 5 more retirement service centers were added to provide free on-site service for nearly 800 old people. 3705 sets of Affordable Housing were basically completed and 2968 sets were under construction. And 203 low-price stores were built. Zhoongshan ranked the first place in Guangdong for 8 consecutive years in admission rate of Collage Entrance Examination. There were 4 more sanitary towns. The public system of cultural service was getting improved and cultural venues received about 3.73 million people. Athletes from Zhongshan earned 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze in the national sports games.

Social Environment towards Harmony and Stability under Integrated Administration

Long-tern plan was adopted to promote social construction. Solid efforts were made to promote the moral campaign. Zhongshan ranked among the tops of the prefecture-level cities in the assessment of civilization. The first “Fraternity 100” charity activity was held and a special fund of 50 million yuan was set for innovation of social administration. The credit system in social administration won the innovative award for local governments. Over 10,000 migrant workers and their children became Zhongshan citizens by their accumulated credits. There were 163 new non-governmental organizations. The project “People Involved in Social Security” was implemented and the true reported crimes dropped by 26.4%. There were no serious doctor-patient disputes. The experience to beat drugs was spread around the country. Zhongshan won the honor “National Excellent City in Integrated Social Administration” for five consecutive times. Zhongshan had become the only one city in Zhongshan that won “Safe and Stable Cup” for a succession of three times.

In the previous year, we had paid constant attention to the construction of the government. The government had received 132 pieces of advice from Zhongshan People’s Congress and 190 proposals from Zhongshan CPPCC. Both of them were 100 percent satisfied or almost satisfied. Online participation in governmental administration was strengthened and the publicity of the governmental affairs went deeper. Zhongshan Branch Online Transaction went ahead of the province. There were 200 new community integrated service centers. The trade center for public resources was built. The supervision and trade platform for rural collective assets was complete. The work of Administrative Reconsideration played a real role in guaranteeing that the governmental administration in a legal way.

The Work Plan for 2014

The main goals of economic and social progress in 2014 are as follows: the GDP grows by10%, the investment in fixed assets by 13%, the total exports by 6%, the public budget revenues by 11%; the income of urban and rural residents grows at the same rate with economic growth; the rise of CPI is controlled at about 3.5%; the registered unemployment rate in the urban area is controlled within 3.5%; the rate of natural population increase is controlled below 8‰; the energy consumption for per 10 thousand yuan GDP drops by 3.8%; the annual goal of energy conservation and emission reduction is fulfilled as assigned by the provincial government.

The following work must be done well to achieve the above goals.

Sustainable and Sound Economic Progress by Accelerating Industrial Restructuring and Upgrading

It is necessary to accelerate the industrial restructuring and upgrading, constantly create new developing models, inspire both the domestic and foreign markets, and develop an upgraded economy.

Revitalizing the Real Economy

More efforts are made to coordinate the resource elements such as land, environment, water, electricity, etc. and take the real economy as a priority. Advanced manufacturing is to be strengthened and the emphasis is shift to manufacturing of yachts, wind power and photoelectric equipment and so on. The strategic and emerging industries are to grow stronger. The emphasis is to develop high-end IT products and healthy pharmaceuticals. The traditional industries are to grow stronger. Dacong Town is to be built as a pilot scheme for industrial upgrading. The modern service industries are to be accelerated, especially industries like finance, logistics, cultural designing, industrial designing. Clusters of service industries are to be promoted.

Optimization and Integration

The resources of the 44 industrial parks are to be integrated and upgraded to get the industry improved as a carrier. Companies are encouraged to promote technological innovation, update equipment and expand investment. Companies are encouraged to grow bigger, stronger and more profitable. Within the year, 360 “above-scale” and “above-turnover” companies are to be produced. Companies are encouraged to be merged and reorganized to produce a number of more competitive and larger companies and groups. Project “New Three One-Hundreds”, a project to develop large companies is to be carried out. Companies with independent brands, sales channels, core technologies and stronger ability in capital operation are to be developed. Medium-sized, small-sized and tiny-sized companies are encouraged, and the integrated service system for them is to get improved. Scientific and technological companies and, creative medium-sized and small-sized companies are to be supported to grow stronger.
Growth and Rise

The growth of investment is to be promoted reasonable and the structure of investment is to be optimized. The plan is to be made for 94 municipal major projects this year and the annual planned investment is 29.29 billion yuan. The use of newly-added land is to be in favor of major projects. The productivity of per unit land is to be improved as well as economic density and space vitality. The management of liquidity in projects is to be completed. Great efforts are made to develop headquarters economy. Outer resources are to take advantages of strengthening the local companies.

Expansion of Domestic Market

Companies are to be inspired for more vitality. Zhongshan-made products are to be promoted to the whole country and online. The concept “Beautiful Furnishing in Zhongshan” is to be spread. Ecommerce is to be promoted to get integrated with advantageous industries. The work at Zhongshan Leisure Tourism and Culture Festival is to be done well. Food tourism, light tourism and yacht tourism are to be organized to promote the development of the tourism industry.

Strengthening of Foreign Trade

The environment of foreign trade is to be optimized so as to promote export and incrase import. Active efforts are to be made to get involved in the construction of the Maritime Silk Road so as to develop the emerging markets in ASEAN, South Asia, South America, Middle East, Russia, etc., and consolidate the traditional markets in Europe and America. The government is to organize companies to participate in international major professional exhibitions, and guide them to build their production-sale networks.

Vitality of Elements Released for a More Favorable Business Conditions

Business conditions show the integrated competitiveness of a region better than others. Efforts are to be taken to promote Zhongshan into one of the cities where the integrated business costs are among the lowest.

Further Promoting the Administrative Reform

The administrative reform is to be conducted to return its power to the market, companies and intermediaries, so that the people can feel officials’ bettering work style, the government’s raising efficiency and the improvement of business conditions day by day. Administrative examination and approval procedures are to be simplified. The time needed for examination and approval procedures of social investment projects is reduced to 55 workdays and governmental investment projects to 75 workdays on condition that the professional examinations are passed and that materials for project bidding and application are completed. Administrative service centers are speeded to build an administrative service system combining remote transactions and in person transactions.

Further Promoting the Economic Reform

All economic bodies are encouraged to participate in fair competition. The reform in tax administration is to promote further as well as the reform in policies of supporting industries. A fund of 600 million yuan is planned to support the development of industries, a net increase of 100 million yuan over the previous year. The reform in municipal-level state-owned enterprises is to be promoted further so as to develop the economy of mixed ownerships, get the state-owned capital work independently, explore the managing model for municipal-level state-owned capital, and regulate the management of town-level state-owned enterprises.

Speeding Financial Service, Microfinance Companies,

The pilot reform in the integration of urban and rural financial service is to be speeded up. Local financial service is encouraged, such as village and town banks, financing guarantee companies, private banks and Five District Plus One Platform financial service. The financial service for specialized towns is to be enhanced and platforms are to be built so as to connect medium-, small- and tiny-sized companies with banks. Community finance, logistics finance and cross-border finance are to be speeded up.

Enhancing Scientific and Technological Innovation

The public service system for innovation and entrepreneurship is to be improved by integration of innovative chains, industrial chains and capital ones. Cooperation in innovation is encouraged so as to make breakthroughs in major technologies with the concentrated innovative resources from major higher institutes, research institutes and leading corporations. A federation is to be explored to promote the municipal productivity and the municipal productivity promotion center is to be improved. The reform in management of science and technology is to be deepened so as to build a mechanism where projects of technological innovation, and their funding and assessment are mainly decided in the market.

Attracting Excellent Workers
A sum of 42 million yuan is planned for production and introduction of excellent workers. The conditions for innovation is to be improved so as to introduce more leading, badly-needed and highly skilled professionals, and to produce more prestigious teachers, doctors and experts. A batch of high-level professionals and research organizations are to be attracted with the opportunity that Guangdong provincial government and Ministries of State Council cooperate to build entrepreneurship parks for overseas students. The work on high-level professionals associations is to be done well and the job fair for these professionals is to be built into a festival with national fame.

Deepening Regional Cooperation
The work scheme of A Big Step Forward in Nine Years subordinated to The Outline of the Plan for the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta is to be carried out. Cooperation in infrastructure construction, ecological protection, public service and other fields is to be enhanced in the Zhuhai-Zhongshan-Jiangmen Economic Zone. Cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao is to go deeper, and efforts are to be made to promote Hong Kong and Macao to get involved in the development of New Cuiheng District. Individual yacht tourism between Zhongshan and Macao is to be speeded up. Free trade with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan is to be promoted.

Coordinated Management of Resources to Upgrade the Urban and Rural Construction

Efforts are to be made to build Zhongshan into a city with a good fame and promote the restructuring and upgrading with its improved functions. Emphasis is to be paid to planning and guiding, so that the rural and urban areas can be coordinated and the land resources can used more efficiently for more concentration in production and more comfortableness in life.

Reform of the Planning and Administration System

The planning, construction and administration in urban and urban areas are to be more coordinated through reforming, optimizing and straightening out plans and land policies.

Coordination in Land Use

A strict system is to be implemented for land use so as to coordinate the land use with the plans in the macro sense. Unified administration for land use is to be strengthened, and the coordination of land scale, indexes and supply plans as well so as to gradually build an integrated market for both rural and urban areas. The disposal of idle land is to be stricter so as to revitalize the stock of land for construction.

Speeded Steps in Quality Improvement and Capacity Expansion

The spatial pattern is to consist of two parts: construction of one center and two subcenters in the whole municipal areas, and construction of the main city and New Cuiheng District as two centers in the central areas. The city framework is to extend modestly so as to improve its capacity. The construction plan for the main functional area is to be promoted in an all-round way. The development plan for the eastern area is to be carried out so as to push the eastern towns to adapt to the Action Plan in Livable Bay. The ecological control line is to be made in the administrative coverage. The planning for the riverbank and coastline is to be conducted. Projects of connecting greenways across waterways are to be implemented. The planning and conserving of historical and cultural heritage is to be improved, so as to build a cultural line from Yandun Mountain to Xishan Temple to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, and reserve and enhance Shanfang Historical and Cultural Street.

Acceleration in Construction of the Beautiful Environment in Villages

A sum of 100 million yuan is planned for the construction of village environment. Integrated administration about the environment in villages is to be enhanced, as well as the construction of infrastructure, daily facilities and the landscape. Public service is to be promoted in rural families; the rural social progress is to be improved; villages are to be built suitable for life, business and visit.

Acceleration in Construction of the Platform for Development

A sum of 550 million yuan is arranged to promote the construction in the starting area of New Cuiheng District. The planning and construction of Advanced Intellectual Area, Modern Service Concentrating Area, China- Switzerland Industrial Park and Cultural Park is to be speeded up so as to push Zhongshan Port eastward.

Acceleration in Development of the Transportation

The integrated planning of transportation is to be conducted. In coordination, 3.5 billion yuan is to be put in the construction of transportation. The plan for Shenzhen-Maoming Railway and its stations is to be optimized. The light rail site for Guangzhou-Zhongshan-Zhuhai-Macao is to considered and made. The construction of expressways and highways is to be speeded up. Efforts are to be made to promote the construction of Shenzhen-Zhongshan Passage, and Zhongshan-Kaiping Highway and its Xiaolan Branch. Guangzhou-Zhongshan-Jiangmen Highway is to be accelerated. Priorities are to be given to the development of the public transportation system. Zhongshan is to be built into a model city in public transportation construction in Guangdong Province.

Innovation in Social Administration for a Harmonious and Stable Social Environment

The aim is to protect the fundamental interests of the ordinary citizens and stimulate the elements that can boost harmony, vitality and administrative ability as much as possible. With the social environment where people are harmonious, fair, just and eager to help, the people can live a stable life and pursue their ideals.

Improvement in Social Administration

The community information platform of public service is to be built so that the integrated service can cover all communities. The model “2+8+N” is to extend to urban communities. Channels are to be expanded for the new Zhongshan people to participate in social administration. Efforts are to be made to speed up the construction non-governmental organizations plan a central role. A test cooperative mode is to be explored for social workers and volunteers in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

Construction of Ecological Civilization for a Comfortable Zhongshan

The ecological construction is to be enhanced and put in more outstanding position. Economic growth can never be achieved at the sacrifice of environment. Rather, with the harmonious development between the city and the nature, the clear sky, green mountains, clear water and fresh air are to be available for citizens.

Acceleration in Municipal Construction in Terms of Ecological Civilization and Creation in Ecological Model Village (Communities)

A pilot mode is to be tried for energy conservation, and trade of the carbon emission right and the water right. The work on the trade and the compensated use of the sewage right is to be launched. The distribution of the right about the drainage of sewage is to be complete for the first step. The disposal proposal from the third party is to be explored to control environmental pollution.

Development of the Modern Ecological Agriculture

Efforts are to be made to develop a green and safe modern urban agriculture. The construction of high-standard farmland is to be speeded up. A sum of 34 million is to be planned for the construction of the roads in rural areas. Efforts are to be made to build modern agricultural parks, develop agricultural facilities and improve the circulation system for modern produce. New technologies are to be spread; new species are to be introduced; Indoor re-circulating aquaculture is to be developed faster. Family farms and modern farms are to be encouraged to grow larger.

implementation of Green Campaign

Green Strategy 135 is to be pushed forward so as to make Zhongshan into a “national forest city”. A sum of 320 million yuan is to be put into green projects and parks. Three projects including urban greening, rural greening and spiritual greening are to be promoted. Emphasis is be put on the green scenery spots along roads, banks and costal areas so as to build a green network containing the city, towns, villages, and mountains, rivers and the sea. Wumafeng Park is to be built while Zimaling and Zhongshan Park are to be reconstructed so as to serve the goal of build a number of forest parks and wetland parks.

Integration of the Water Environment

According to the plan, 110 million yuan is to be arranged for treatment of inland rivers. Project Rain and Sewage Division is to be promoted; decentralized wastewater treatment facilities and their subsidiary pipes are to be built. Anti-salty projects are to be accelerated.

Promotion of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

Project Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction is to be promoted with the strictest measures and supervision. The ratifying standard for companies is to be stricter in terms of environmental check and pollutant emission. The backward production capacity is to be eliminated while energy conservation in fields like the industry, architecture, transportation, public construction, etc. is to be promoted. Improvement of manufacturing companies is to be enhanced in the ecological sense so as to create a large number of model companies that are energy-conserving and environmentally friendly.

Improvement in People’s life and Sense of Happiness

Improvement of Social Security System

A sum of 860 million yuan is to be put in social insurance system. The service system for employment and entrepreneurship is to be complete and the social insurance system is to be improved. New methods for social aiding are to be created and the ability to cope with natural disasters is to be improved. The online platform is to play its role in social aiding. More aids are to be provided for those poor people with severe disease. The housing conditions for low income families and those with priority to receive aids are to be improved. More people are to be included in the housing security project. Causes concerning charity, the handicapped and the Red Cross are to be promoted.

Increase of Urban and Rural Income
The salary rising system is to be completed, as well as the system where salaries are negotiated collectively in companies. The way of financing with land use right is to be promoted so that collective property can work as equity interest.

More Satisfaction of the People in Education
A preschool project is to be carried out to favor the people; the compulsory education is to be grow more balanced; high-quality educational resources is to be developed. The mechanism for senior middle schools is to be reformed and resources are to be integrated and optimized. The non-governmental educational system is to be improved so as to encourage the development of private education. Cooperation in higher education is to be expanded. Cooperation with Macau University of Science and Technology is to be promoted while the cooperation to produce postgraduates is to be accelerated. The teaching faculty is to be optimized while the exchanges between headteachers are to be promoted. Campus safety is to be enhanced to guarantee the safety of teachers and students.

Improvement of Citizens’ Health
The platform for regional medical and sanitary service is to be accelerated and the new-round medical reform is to be implemented. Community sanitary service centers are to be promoted and a pilot mode “Unified Medical Care” is to be launched. The grassroots medical and sanitary network is to be improved. Private hospitals are encouraged and promoted while reforms in public hospitals are to be promoted steadily. Sports facilities are to be enhanced to build Zhongshan into a model city of fitness.

Prosperity in Cultural Causes
The public cultural service system is to be improved so as to provide more favor for citizens and build a culturally strong city. To enhance the achievements resulted from creating a civilized city, the moral campaign for all the people is to be pushed forward. The cultural network divided into three levels that are the city-level, the town-level and the village-level, is to be improved. The construction of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Library and Cultural Street No. 139 is to be promoted. Zhongshan is to be enriched with more historical and cultural contents while Sun Yat-sen’s spirit is to be spread. The culture is to be more open and social powers are encouraged to participate in constructions concerning culture. A number of leading cultural companies are to be produced and the value of special industries such as games, lighting devices and rosewood furniture is to be promoted.

Development of All Social Causes
The family planning policy is to be implemented so as to promote the balanced growth of the population in the long run. Causes concerning women and children are to be promoted. The settling system and policies concerning retired soldiers and others with priorities are to be improved. Supports for the army are to be conducted in the social sense. Foreign and overseas Chinese resources are to be integrated and coordinated for cooperation and exchange with foreign countries. The work concerning religions, statistics, people’s air defense, earthquakes, national defense, archiving and chorography, etc. needs to be done well.

Good Job Needed in Ten Projects Concerning People’s Life

First, the air quality is to be improved. Second, fluent transportation is to be promoted. Third, the city-level and town-level departments are to be set for food quality control. Fourth, greening projects are to be promoted to cover both rural and urban areas, including 100-kilometer roads, 2-kilometer sections of Qijiang River, 2000 mou landscapes, 5 forest homelands, 5 forest parks, 3 wetland parks and the landscape construction in the Starting Areas of New Cuiheng District.

Fifth, priorities are to be given to public transportation and green travelling. The first express bus route is tested for business. There are100 new bus stops to be built and 180 new-fuel buses to be added. Free bus service is to be provided to all the 230 thousand above-60-year-olds. There are 50-kilometer green ways to be built to assure the green way of unimpeded traffic. Sixth, more aids are to be provided for the poor group. The aiding system is to be adopted for the poor group with severe diseases. The minimum living standard is to be connected with the rise of CPI and keep a natural growth. The full payment of the minimum living standard is to be conducted on time.

Seventh, community service for the old people is to be optimized. There are 3 home service centers for the old to be built and provide service for about 800 old people. There are 300 social workers with expertise to be cultivated, and 45 social working stations to be set up. Eighth, the city is to get rid of “three evils”, which is “drugging, gambling and whoring”. Zhongshan intends to be the first city without “three evils” in China. Ninth, sports parks are to be built in communities. There are 2 to 3 community sports parks to be built as models in every town and district, and 24 fitness service stations are to be built. Sports facilities for farmers are to extend to natural villages, and there are to be sports areas in 40 natural villages. Tenth, one-stop service is to be promoted to cover villages. One-stop service concerning social insurance, civil affairs of the handicapped, and family planning, etc. is to be provided through the 77 to-be-built village-level community integrated service halls. And 100 sets of self-service terminals are fixed for citizens to transact business on line.

Representatives, standing at the starting line for the new-round reform, we will work had and creatively with all the citizens, under the solid guidance of CPC Zhongshan Municipal Committee, towards the goal that Zhongshan is to be built a city suitable for life, business and innovation.

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