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Maximum reward of 200,000 yuan for reporting ecological environment violations


The Zhongshan Bureau of Ecology and Environment recently issued the "Incentive Measures for Reporting Ecological Environment Violations". Citizens can report four types of ecological and environmental violations through official WeChat or website of the ZSBEE. The maximum reward can be up to 200,000 yuan.

The ecological and environmental violation categories include: illegal discharge, dumping and disposal of hazardous wastes; illegal pollutants discharge by evading regulations through concealed conduits, seepage wells, seepage pits, perfusion, etc; illegal pollutants discharge by evading regulation through abnormal operation on pollution prevention and control facilities; illegal pollutants discharge by waste discharge companies by tampering with and forging online pollutants monitoring data.

In addition, citizens can also report other types of ecological and environmental violations by calling 12345 or 12369.

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