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ZS residents advised to take NAT once every 7 days

In response to the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 in Guangdong and throughout China, Zhongshan has decided to carry out rolling nucleic acid testing in every town and district on a weekly basis from September 12 to October 31. Every Zhongshan resident is called on to be responsible and take at least one nucleic acid test every 7 days.

Residents are required to wear masks during the whole testing process, keep one meter away from others, and avoid close chatting or gathering. Those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine within 48 hours should not take a nucleic acid test.

People who have any of the COVID-19 symptoms including fever, dry cough, fatigue, loss of smell, loss of feeling, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, swollen or itchy eyes, muscle pain or diarrhea, please go to the fever clinic immediately. People with yellow health codes must go to special sites for sampling.

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