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Zhongshan's Global Talent Recruitment Consultants on duty


Zhongshan held a doctoral recruitment fair, with online and offline activities, on November 19, attracting over 70 doctorate holders at home and abroad. Thirty-six outstanding enterprises and public institutions in key industries were invited, offering about 400 jobs of 171 positions, with the highest annual salary reaching 1 million yuan.

The event provided a comprehensive introduction to the advantages, recruitment policies and work culture of Zhongshan. As many of the doctorate holders present were visiting Zhongshan for the first time, the event offered them a better understanding of the city and a deeper insight into its policies and environment for talent.

During the fair, the municipal talent office awarded appointment letters to Zhongshan Global Talent Recruitment Consultants. "I can feel that talented people are eagerly needed and valued here. These favorable policies regarding housing, education and healthcare are rarely found in other cities in the Greater Bay Area", said Peng Qiaoyang, a sociology Ph.D. from the University of Hong Kong and a post doc at Sun Yat-sen University.

A Pakistani Ph.D. graduate majoring in electromechanical engineering from Shandong University specially came to seek job opportunities at the fair. Lei Zexin, a chemistry major graduate from the University of Sydney, showed strong interest in Perfect (China) Co and Zhongshan RabPharma Co and had thorough discussions with the companies' executives.

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