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First city-level 'employment stations' in ZS inaugurated


The first two city-level "employment stations" in Zhongshan were unveiled in Shiqi District and Xiaolan Town respectively on November 20.

At the Shiqi Employment Station, job seekers can scan the QR code on the TV screen or desktop to search a list of jobs, submit resumes , and fill out online applications all in one go.

The station is open 24 hours a day. Residents can enter the station with their ID cards, where they can enjoy services free of charge, such as job-seeking registration, career guidance, employment and entrepreneurship policy consultation, and etc.

These facilities provide free employment assistance to key groups such as college graduates and individuals facing employment difficulties. "Now I can find a job near my home. It's very convenient", said Feng Xiaomin, a fresh college graduate, adding that the stations can enhance job-hunting efficiency and reduce time cost.

In recent years, Zhongshan has made efforts to establish a city-town (district)-village three-level public employment service platform, through which nearly 50,000 people are newly employed, including over 8,000 re-employed ones and about 1,000 with difficulties in finding jobs.

By the end of the year, twenty-three "employment stations" will be put into operation to cover all towns and districts. Efforts will also be made to provide employment services in supermarkets, schools and industrial parks.

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