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Online visa appointment removed in these Chinese embassies

Chinese Embassies including in major destinations such as Germany, Japan, Canada, France, Australia and Egypt will cease online visa appointments in favor of walk-in visa application services starting from November 20, 2023.

This allows visitors to walk into the embassies and consulates and apply for a visa during their operating hours.

However, it is still advised to complete the application form online in advance to avoid crowds at visa application venues.

Germany: from Nov 20

Canada: from Nov 20

Japan: from Nov 20

France: from Nov 20

Australia: from Nov 20

South Africa: from Nov 20

Cambodia: from Nov 20

Egypt: from Nov 20

Greece: from Nov 20

United States: from Oct 23

United Kingdom: from Oct 23

New Zealand: from Oct 23

Indonesia: from Oct 23

Singapore: from Oct 23

Bangladesh: from Oct 23

Mongolia: from Oct 23

South Korea: from Oct 23

Brazil: from Oct 23

Angola: from Oct 23

Italy: from Oct 23

Afghanistan: from Oct 22

Iran: from Oct 22

Uganda: from Oct 9

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