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Zhongshan Forum for Cross Straits scheduled for August

An economic and trade exchange conference between Zhongshan Federation of Industry and Commerce and Taiwan businessmen was held on April 11.


The event included online and offline activities. Via video link, the attendees in Taipei watched Zhongshan's Party secretary Guo Wenhai's speech at the 2023 Zhongshan Global Investment Promotion Conference, the promotion video of Zhongshan's investment and business environment, and speeches by entrepreneurs.

Zhongshan will further promote the implementation of the 71 preferential policy measures for Taiwan businessmen, host the Zhongshan Forum for Cross Straits in August, and put efforts in creating the cross-Strait economic and cultural exchange and cooperation demonstration zone, according to Xian Zhiqian, director of the Zhongshan Taiwan Affairs Bureau.

Taiwan-funded enterprises have flourished in Zhongshan since Lerado Daily Products settled in the city in 1988. There had been 915 Taiwan-funded enterprises in Zhongshan by the end of 2022, which cover such fields as electronics, IT, chemicals, hardware, machinery, shoemaking, clothing making, lighting, sports equipment and health care. Zhongshan recorded a Taiwan investment of US$ 3.75 billion in actual use.

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