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Images: Folk dance show

A folk parade took place in Gangkou Town on May 11, with over 400 performers joining a 300-meter parade team. Intangible cultural heritage teams from Gangkou Town, West District, Shaxi Town, Nanlang District and Sanjiao Town offered a "one-stop" ICH show to the audience.

With a history of 300 years, the parade marking the birth of a goddess in Gangkou Town is on the representative intangible cultural heritage items of Zhongshan. Around the 23rd day of the 3rd lunar month ever year, Gangkou will deliver a series of traditional folk custom activities to convey the simple wish of the people in the water town for peace, happiness and good harvests.


A dragon dance show by the Lin's Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe.


A Sanjiao kylin dance show.


When passing a kindergarten, performers interact with the children.


Students of Gangkou Xia'nan Primary School perform a salty water song.


Old people enjoy watching the parade.


The parade attracted a flock of photographers.


A drunken dragon breath fire. (Photo/Wen Bo)

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