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Exhibition telling Ma Yingbiao's stories opens in South District


On the afternoon of March 25, after a lively lion dance show, the exhibition on life stories of Ma Yingbiao and his family was unveiled at the Nanyuan Hall of Ma Yingbiao Memorial Park in South District.

Built in 1923, the Nanyuan Hall was the daily residence of Ma Yingbiao and his family. South District has built it into a platform for displaying the history and culture of overseas Chinese. The first floor shows the century-long development of Sincere Company founded by Ma Yingbiao and Ma Yongcan; and the second floor shows the life stories of Ma Yingbiao and his family descendants, as well as their contributions to their hometown.

Ma Yingbiao, born in Shachong, was devoted to the development of his hometown all his life. He built Zhongshan's first park, kindergarten and artificial swimming pool in Shachong, donated the Xiangshan Shiguang Girls' Higher Primary School and founded Qiguang Hospital and Zhongshan Civilian Hospital.

The family descendants of Ma Yingbiao donated valuables for the exhibition, including genealogical records, family albums, silverware and antique typewriters.

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