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Qiwan Golden Dragon in people's daily life


The Outstanding Works Exhibition of the 2nd East District "Golden Dragon Cup" Fine Arts Competition was held at Sino-ocean Dasin Shopping Mall, receiving a warm response from the public. With the exhibition, the 3rd East District Golden Dragon Cultural Festival came to an end.

This July, Yang Guoming, the fourth-generation successor to the Cai Zha (Qiwan Golden Dragon) intangible cultural heritage program, taught his skills during promotion activities at schools. Inspired by him, many students became interested in the craft.

Promoting Cai Zha among the youth to organically integrate the intangible cultural heritage item into their daily studies and life will not only help them access the ICH program up close and become familiar with it, but also realize the inheritance and development of the ICH program in the young generation, according to an official of the East District office.

Since its opening to the public in late June, Cai Zha (Qiwan Golden Dragon) Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum has received some 1,000 visitors. There is a golden dragon of more than 30 meters in length on display in the museum, with an introduction to Qiwan Golden Dragon on the wall.

"I thought intangible cultural heritage was far from life, and I didn't know how to explain the history of Qiwan Golden Dragon to my child, but now the museum with the features of appreciation, play and viewing allows the kids to experience the craft of Cai Zha up close and feel the charm of intangible cultural heritage," said Ms Li, who took her child to visit the museum.

To integrate Cai Zha into life, East District has organized such activities as flash mobbing and study tour. At the same time, it has worked with enterprises to develop golden dragon-themed shirts, ice-cream, stamp frames and other cultural and creative products that cater to the trendy young generation.

Created in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, Cai Zha has a history of more than 300 years. In May 2022, it was recognized as a representative intangible cultural heritage program in Guangdong Province.

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