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Cuiheng Village: Hometown of Sun Yat-sen

When the painter Xu Ming first arrived at Cuiheng Village, he saw the thick green fields of the mountains, the shadows cast by white clouds, and the roar of urban life in the distance. All these elements combined to create a graceful and gentle scene.

This is Cuiheng Village, the hometown of Sun Yat-sen and the spiritual home of many overseas Chinese. More than a hundred years ago, Sun Yat-sen and a group of ambitious people embarked to the outside world from here, and together they recorded a magnificent revolutionary epic.

Nowadays, Cuiheng Village is not only the home to rich historical relics such as culture and architecture, but also 5A national tourist attractions with great cultural significance. As more and more people visit to Cuiheng Village in the footsteps of Sun Yat-sen, its modern development has been spurred by the cultural industry.

Cuiheng Village is a shrine of China's revolution in modern times with traditional Lingnan-style village characteristics. It holds the spiritual roots of Chinese and overseas Chinese, and it is also a place of innovation in the multiple-value society.


Overview of Cuiheng Village.


The monument disassembled from the former Cuiheng School.


A bronze statue of young Sun Yat-sen stands in Cuiheng School.


The Cuiheng Museum of Art.

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